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Hey guys, so i have been taking it slow with my online casino gambling of late..not so much because i don't feel like gambling, but more because our government (the Dutch in my case) felt the need to remove autoplay and bonusbuy options.

Seems to be a grey area still as it's not consistent and some providers still have mechanics available to us that are kind of like bonus buys (extra bet, double bet, superbet etc.) but basically most options are gone..

I used to grind for hours, and had loads of fun like that. It's pretty much impossible now, since i am getting a bit older, and working with the mouse as well, leaves me with elevated RSI complaints...

Also, the inability to buy a bonus as alternative, is missing too. So i was wondering, what do you guys do? Has it impacted you in your region as well? Do you play differently? Or do you use tools like autoclickers (if yes, what are good ones and has anybody heard anything about winnings confiscated due to such a tool?) or play in 'Grey' Casino's instead?

Would love any input..

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That kind of problems have in UK and think some scandinavian countries! I still dont have any problems in my country and can play on any way that I want! But yeah, its so damn hard to enjoy in slots when you have problems like you have! They want to change everything in gambling!

Your lucky to have thta freedom Smile
I couldn't really see it coming, even though i heard they were doing it in Germany and the UK, but i shouldve known better...

It's all about money for them, they don't actually give a rats ass about players, but yeah..

I hope it stays chill like you have it now in Croatia, but i fear it will be the same everywhere in the near future. I just wonder where we as players could turn to get simple stuff like autoplay options back..who's lobbying for us?

But yeah, no worries: i'll play different but still enjoy it, even when i have less quality of life Big Smile

Good luck!

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