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is this bankrollmob.FR????  0   
what with all the french post,wheres fat tony when u need em, get em tony!!!!,make french fries out of then.. Evil

Post of fail

I think the big boss man has either
A, Pulled a hotti and cant leave the bedroom.
B, Won the lotto
C, Gone on his hols
D, Doing a hit
E, Been hit Shock
F, Sick, well we know that...
G, Tired of removing posts and explaing rules
H, Just lazy
I, The cartledge got the best of him
J, Working on a no-deposit for us
K, Drunk
L, Found God and blassfiems all those who gamble
M, Has his tow stuck in the bath tab
N, Downloaded a nasty film(snakes on a plane) and has a virus
O, Upset the MobManager
P, Has to dig a deep hole in the woods
Q, Too busy playing all these freerolls
R, Getting advice on how to beat donks for the HU
S, Doing time
T, Washing his hair
U, Smoked a funny ciggy and now cant move
V, Joining the French Foreign Legion
W, Had to take a part time job
X, Found he isnot Kevin Spacey, and life is not like the movie 21
Y, Busy learning to card count
Z, Outher

Vote now

Big Smile

R Big Smile

i vote U.

im quite sure now hes in trance and is layin cards for him self to prophecy his next bad beat. i also could imagine he engaged a french teacher to teach him french for all the froggy mobsters but then it turned into A.
but hey its weekend and prolly the BRM has been doing experiments with the Bible again ( danish headbutts on the bible Big Smile ), but this time it went wrong.. Shock

edit: that with the bible is an insider joke - for those who dont know: check out link Smile

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How about watching Denmark in semi finals yesterday and accidentally running into one to many beers?

noone cares about Handball!

hey dont u say that about handball it a real man's game,for guys that like 2 bee in a small room with other guys whereing shorts/cuttoffs, Tongue

They should put a current in the ball, would make it a bit more intresting, but i must admit only seen it once and it looks like fun, painfull but fun

Handball my sisther play it, think it a girls game u see more girls playin it then guys here.

S because of U I think , or maybe hes just too H and littlebit K . Well F would be the main reason I blieve, I have to go with F! Big Smile

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