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Vulcan Poker - WTF  0   
30 man MTT, 12 left, I'm mid stacked, so I push with AA.
Next thing you now, I'm moved to another talbe and my AA is folded :/

Online support don't respond and still aren't.

Anyone have a clue what happened here?

Edited by jevo (10 February 2009 @ 12:36 GMT)

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Thats sick Confused
Keep us updated please....

I've written an email to their support as Live isn't responding. I sent them the link to this thread to respond lol.

Playing another one and I've got 2 russian players blatantly colluding and no support to do anything about it.

Nice one VP Thumbs Up

Edited by jevo (10 February 2009 @ 13:41 GMT)

vulcan poker wants closeing down its run by a complete load of idiots a dout any 1 of the people working there know what there doing a could do that job with my eyes closed keep us updated joe thanks

Ipoker is terrible pokerstars.

Well, No responce form Vulcans 24/7 support after 3 hours.


Cant really see why you should deposit at that site ... good working online support is one of the most important things a poker site MUST have. Disagree

Can you please send the hand-history and in what place did you finnish ??? Blink

Edited by Davoodoo (10 February 2009 @ 15:53 GMT)

Maybe You got disconnected and everyone folded without you seeing how the hand ended. You should be able to retrieve hand history for that particular hand in cashier window but MAKE BACKUP immediately, in program folder "HistoryTournaments" and then go to retrieve it. I got few of my hand histories corrupted this way but had back up of those. Once you open a hand you wanted to see there is a button "update local files" or something like that.

by backup i mean copy/paste entire Vulcan Poker folder if you have to to some other location.

I busted out in 9th i think, with AK. Would've doubled up and probably finished in the cash if this didnt happen...

Hmm, when I went all in, it showed it graphically but then moved me. I know i didnt disconnect. I was 1st to act if I remember correctly, and the comment in french you see was made after my all in, so go figure. I check the HH after and it said I folded which is BS!

Edited by jevo (10 February 2009 @ 16:13 GMT)

First make back up (copy/paste) and I`ll check on Vulcan client where is that history exactly.

HAHAHA, I don`t if i got banned or what but client says "please update your client". How, shouldnt it be updating itself automatically? Tried downloading from their site but none of the links worked.

Anyway, open cashier window by clicking on cashier
There should be a tab called "Tournament history"
once that window is opened you should see a list of all tournaments you played recently. You can choose the time frame if there is too many of them

Once you found the tourney you are interested in click on it and entire hand history will open.
Find that hand, AA hand, and left click on it. Once it is opened if you don`t have entire history left click on "Update localy stored files" or something like that.
DONT DO THAT IF YOU HAVENT COPY/PASTED HISTORY FOLDER. It could overwrite your partial file with empty one. corrupted

can you take a screenshot of that history.

Edited by Predobar (10 February 2009 @ 16:21 GMT)

Well, here's the hand.

From the look of it, it didn't move me to a different table as the same players are on the table the hand after.

Just got a responce from their support too: 3 hours for this...

Dear Joe,

Thank you for contacting Vulcan Poker.

This is Mark from the Support Team.

Joe, we have received your email concerning your game and it has been
forwarded to the relevant department. You will be contacted as soon as we have
received further information. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and

Thank you for understanding.

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I know that iPoker tables all throw same "Welcome" message once you get disconnected or moved to another table. Since this is not different table then only thing left that could happen is disconnect or timeout.

Watch this, Poker office had to release patch for iPoker sites because these things would happen when using live tracker. Your client would just froze and connection would be alive but because of some reason you could not push any of the buttons or anything, something like when server hangs after the hand, and once you get back hand was already played through and you are in sitting out mode because you timed out.

this happened to me yesterday I dont know how I lost a pot I was all in with ak with another player who aq, on the flop I hit the str8 then on the turn he makes his str8 I lose he wins no split pot or nothing I contact support get no response other then ok thank you we will look into it, then 3 mins later there support hits me up asking me to make a deposit, lol I told that support no thanks I dont trust you re site, I explained to the lady what had happened a few minutes ago, then that was it ........ Aww crap! I hate Ipoker
im kinda glad I only got the $10.40 bonus even though everybody else got the $

Edited by xxxpokerxxx1 (10 February 2009 @ 16:47 GMT)

Just so you know, I've been connected to the net for over 23 hours now, there's been no break in connection.

Go figure,

Still no manual responce from Vulcans TWENTY FOUR HOUR A DAY, SEVEN DAY A WEEK support.

Edited by jevo (10 February 2009 @ 18:09 GMT)

LOL. You are very unlucky. Maybe you should stop playing poker and start to do something that don't need luck. Good luck! Big Smile

Posted by polevaulter:
LOL. You are very unlucky. Maybe you should stop playing poker and start to do something that don't need luck. Good luck! Big Smile

Gets my vote for THE most pointless post of the week.

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