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i think that i have GOD on my side  0   
THE, and i do mean THE sickest thing ive ever have seen..

okay, ill set it upp... ive been playin at this site (i cant say the sites name i think, becaus it has a no depossit offer and i thin BRM whant to know about it first) and ive played my 56 bucks that i got here from BRM to a mere 100 bucks.. so anyway, i do the thing you shuldent do.. i sat down at a 3/6 table whit everything!!! so the first hand i get is:

Q Heart 6 Club and i have BB
there are only 2 other players at the table and the dealer raises to 12 and i make a stupid i thaugt..
the flop 6 Spade Q Diamond A Heart
the dealer bets 30 and i call
turn:3 Diamond
he goes all in and i call
he shows A Spade 3 Spade

and im thinkin "nooo..f**k noooooo!!"

the river 6 Heart
so i have full house and win 203 bucks first hand

i left the table right after and casht out those 100...


Haha go3an you are so sick Smile What a hand, Nice suckout Smile You should have kept them in there and build on them Big Smile Dollar

naa.. this site is very small so there are not so many players that play on the higher levels.. so then i get 150 on my roll i witdarwl 50 all the time.. im upp to 200 dollar just for tonight.. so im totaly on a roll dude... i hope BRM promotes the site soon so there will be more players there becaus right now there are about 20 players to every turney, sometimes 9-10 on a 1000 guarenty tueney

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wow lol talk about a river save... lol if i were you i would be praises the river gods lol cuz you got lucky lol but those are the best stories... happend to me a couple times.. not for that much money lol but still gotta hate that feelin when u see ur hand dominated and ur all in haha

Nice... but i think you did the right thing of cashing it out. If you continued to make calls like that, you would have lost it all eventually.

But hey, I hope you become very rich player poker.

good luck

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