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PL20 Omaha "Turning 10€ in to 60 in 20min in low limits"  0   
Ok here is a short Sesion of omaha in PL20 low staks is a example of u just need play the correct hands to win at this limits a lot of players play here to learn about the game style but the dont play whit fun money they play whit real! so... if you had a knowleding in omaha why dont go to this limits and take their money to ur Blink i hope you enjoy this video is my first lol Big Smile

The video

"need find another host dont have a good definition"

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Yes I too have found the joys of omaha.
vids a bit blurry but does the job.
That qq7 flop (u had 77**) if you expect one to hold a Q*** is it not best to check that on turn and river cus you know they will play on for a FH or is that more likely to pay ?

in the 77 whit that flop u need be agreesive because is obviusly someone will hit the Q but if u be agreesive then they thing in a better combination or a full on flop Blink in this case the both got a Q but none got the full on turn thats why i hit the river Cool and yeah see blurry because when i upload the vid forgot made some chages Tongue

Nice vids thankyou Smile
I am not really into omaha but its intresting to watch.
Btw how you make this vids?

i started loving ohama some time ago... gets me good $ when i'm in a good waiting mood...
nice vid btw...

yeah poker and listen rammstein is most effective Blink Thumbs Up

why did you fold qj10 in the first hand?
imo this is a good chance for a straight draw....
( someone told me .. omaha is the game for straights... the donks look for pair and set the sharks for straights..)

put the videos at youtube Smile

Well i made the video whit camtasia studio of cvourse if u wait the right hand then u will made a lot of money because the people at this limit just want to call and see if they got lucky Blink Big Smile and well i fold the J Spade T Diamond Q Club 2 Club becuase the hand dont have too much outs only the straight is our better combination because a flush whit a Q is now high in omaha Blink and if u see the flop come whit 8 Club 9 Diamond 8 Spade we have a open straight drw but our oppent possible had a 8 or a full house whit that flop and if i hit the straight well then we lost all of our money Blink In omaha u need find the best hand to covert all possible hands like flush straight or fullhouse thats hands are the most possibles on omaha Blink

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@ Mago:

Cant load the link camtasia (page not found).
But this works... then click camtasia studio.

TY Smile

problem fixed man thx for inform Big Smile

Updates please Mago at ur 10K thread...
We need to have succes storys on BRM Big Smile

lol Big Smile ok i will update whit a video of medium and hight stakes Blink NL200,400

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