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As im sure we are all aware the affliate points have been halfed, but it was mentiond that they are working on anouther way to award affliates, but as all good news it gets pushed away in the hope we forget, so whats the word, is there to be an extra for affliates.

The site is getting busyer so obviously us affliates are still doing a good job, the forum is getting busy too so im woundering if you guys needed to cut affliates in half. Was it to fund all the freerolls?
This was one of the best sites to affliate, its far from now.
Is it fair to shoot the messengers?

Also i think the posters shoul be award better as if you look at google you will see that some members manage to get you guys well listed on plenty of front pages.

We don't have anything concrete yet on the new affiliate stuff, so can't really comment on it and give an ETA just yet.

The affiliate points have nothing to do with the freerolls.

It's voluntary if people wants to use our affiliate program or not, we just provide it "as is" and if somebody feels it's not worth the hassle, then they're welcome to avoid using it Smile
The same goes with the forum - I highly doubt that there's many forums out there that awards their members for posting at all. It's one way of getting help and help others (user to user). In addition to the points we pay today for posts, there's also sometimes extras like "guess when we reach XX post" and the latest poll for best posters and stuff like that.

You should also keep in mind that the forum is actually a very little part of the site, many users never use the forum and many affiliates doesn't use it either. But for us who does use it, it might seem like it's a very big part of the site Smile

I affliated for anouther site simaler to this and was shocked with the results, i think the cookie tracker does not work right and we dont get what we should.
You are right there are not a lot of forums that pay but they are out there but i have no intrest personally in some of the subject so have nothing to offer and wont get any enjoyment. However the forum is a big part of bankrollmob it gets you very high on google pages wich in turn is traffic new members and affiliates. Its as good as free advertisment.

Edit: It would just be nice to know that something is in the pipe line, we waited 6 months for manson, im sure most will be happy to wait for the pipe dream to be reveald and will wait to see if it happens. But i guess your not alloud to say, or dont want to up-hopes, wait it is.

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The "coming soon box" containing Mansion Poker, was put up mid-October, so it's not been quite 6 months Blink

Im struggling to make some of my referrals validate their account I have like 20 without validating and im getting close to the 5k points Tongue

new affiliatre program !!!! VERY GOOD!!!!!44
I try every new program every chance, second chance double chance

obviously theres no new affiliate program coming.
more like be happy as it is or leave it - for now anyways Question

oh well, we were givin plenty of notice, its a shame though, i not sure how much the BRM is saving but it would be great if they could folk out $100 or so dollars per week or even tourny entries fees as forum prizes, i would probably be happy with that, because the forum has become a lot busier sinse the new freerolls started, i wouldnt worry about the new affiliate system, the BRM have halved the points to save money so any revamp wont put extra cash in our pockets, but forum prizes would help affiliates as well, they could advertise the new forum prizes as well as the bankrolls, that way the forum would get a lot of extra publicity. Confused

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Posted by T3ddyKGB:
obviously theres no new affiliate program coming.

Don't say that, unless you know something that I don't.

All I'm saying is, we WANT to give something extra to the serious affiliates, we know the PLAN, but we just need to figure out HOW and WHEN. The current affiliate program had been running with a loss for quite some time and we stretched it as far as we would, also to get as many players in as possible. But it was no longer +EV for us to keep it going like that, with that payout structure.

well you only quote me to half. "for now anyways" is missed Smile ...or i just have chosen the wrong words.

im no part of the BRM management so i certainly dont know whats gonna happen.
it recently got halved and no new system has been implemented on same day as halved.
thats why i "assume" that it wont happen that soon as you self say you have nothing concrete yet and still working on it.

That is correct, I don't believe we've announced that a new affiliate system will coom SOON - only that it will come, if everything turns out the way we're planning it to do Smile

Did u consider to aword for affiliates by giving some money in pooker rooms. I twould be much more interesting for players and also I will be better for u becuase u could make some terms for bonus money (rquered points, ect..)

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