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Hi I am looking for some information on where the best poker players come from. I was wondering if any of the poker sites have ever taken data on this or if there is anywhere i could find this information.
I not talking about just pro players I am talking about nations them self as total poker players online.
I have found out that players from the Northern Ireland regoin are the best in the UK.
But I was looking for a list of the world.
can anyone help.

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Top5 is Denmark Finland Sweden USA Norway if i am right.

where can i find hard evedince though is there any out there

Check this maybe this helps....

It depends on how you are rating a player.(also depends on what game of poker)
Like the US has the most top players, but if you put it to land mass or population the US falls a fair bit.
So in short far too many varients to get a defined answer.

thanks for helping but I was looking for something more solid but thanks for trying.
very much appreciated.
I ve search but just cant find anything. I was looking for some thing like

Northern Ireland Gamblers

Northern Ireland Gamblers are the most profitable gamblers, an online survey has found.

More then 10,000 regular online poker players found out that N.Ireland poker players had pipped london to the top spot. Making them No.1 for poker players.

For every £1000 stacked N.Ireland players win over £19 more that the national average, and more than £37 for the worst area for poker players,Yorkshire and Humberside.

Professional player Roy Brindley said the survey suggested that Northern Ireland poker players were a force to be reckoned with.

"Whilst anyone can win at poker in the short term with a bit of luck, it takes skill to win consistently," he said.

"There are some excellent individual pros in Northern Ireland, but this report shows that the quality play runs deep."
The figures came from data collected from, one of Europes busiest poker sites.

but a report on the global poker players.
but thanks and if you ever come across anything like it let me know

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