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doomdy, I made a lot more in cash game. Over $500. The DoNS, I only made like $100. The DoNs turned out different then I thought with antes and different blind structure then ipoker network.

mcsnakey765, I'm almost done. Just need like 3 , maybe 2 long days and I'll be finished Smile

B1gfoot, I didn't know you played those high stakes. Do you play deep stacked or short stacked? I already uninstalled PT3 but it would have been nice with another 30 days Smile I think I will try HEM and if I like it, then I'll do one of their offers to get it "free". And GL with your goal, WSOP. My goal is to make a million in poker Smile

r1z0r3 , iMiKE, thanks guys Smile

LOL, yer, not so high stakes but better than were I started Smile Im finding it a little strange TBH, im winning but lots of the players are to me worse than the ones i played on .5/.10, its limp city, and I love limpers, i always sit full and now re-buy at -15 BB, again so many sit with stupid amounts like $20, they get lucky then stay and lose it all Confused, thnks wish I had mor time to get a seat WSOP, i think you will be one day sat with that mill you want, but not if you stick to ABC, like i think you do, but it works so I cant knock it GL.

I don't play exactly abc, only when I multitable a lot of tables. I make some big bluffs when i think it's profitable and I mix up my game sometimes . Only problem I have is that I leave everything to the last minute and don't play too often. If I have 5 days left on the pending bonus then I leave it til the last day lol. Like the other day I had some time to play but I rather go do something else like watch a movie or play basketball.

So what pokerroom do you play at and do you multitable? Ya, buying in full is the best idea I think but it's a little harder to play with tougher decisions. I find myself rebuying if I only lose 1 bb lol. So, if you play the WSOP, would you buy in full or satellite in or try to get sponsored? And what do you think helped improve your game the most? Books, videos or something else?

Wow GeneYuss Ur great, Im just a beginner and ru rich, can u give me some to play!

I never doubt you finish ur points for the bonus.
So ur roll must be close too 5K i guess?
Very good Smile

Now try next bonus right?

I know what you mean, and if you dont want to play its best not to.
I play a few sites and kind of rotate them, dunno why but I do, on stars, everest, blue Sq and towergaming, iv money on outhers but mainly playing them. And no not multitableing at the moment.
Trying to satellite (iv invested $6 so far) stuck on stage 4 I need a bit of luck.
What help improve, its a hard one, the game changes so much, Iv "read" a few books, but feel they are somewhat out dated such as supersystem, however build knowlage, for me id say reading at forums, checking out vids, watching ppl play but above all my conferdence, I belive it takes me a long way.
You kinda learn as you need to, just experience.
So are you going to stick to cash games?

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doomdy, ya my total poker bankroll is over 5k. I just have it sitting in different poker rooms, ewallets and bank accounts. My next challenge is $2k in 30 days Smile So, how is your bankroll going?

B1gfoot, I'm trying out NL50 headsup cash game and I really like it. I like playing a lot of hands and headsup is a good game for that. I'm noticing everyone calling me a fish and calling station at the 6max tables now lol.

I've never tried a satellite, I just find that you have to get lucky to win a satellite then you play a tournament you can't really afford but I don't know... I think a lot of people like them. What tournament ticket are you playing for in the satellite?

Ya, experience is important in poker. Playing against other players you learn what to do in situations and how to adapt... I just downloaded like 20 Stox Poker videos from thepokerbay, they look good so far. They are free if you want to DL.

Posted by GeneYuss:
doomdy, ya my total poker bankroll is over 5k. I just have it sitting in different poker rooms, ewallets and bank accounts. My next challenge is $2k in 30 days Smile So, how is your bankroll going?

I like ur challenges GeneYuss, its nice to have a goal.
Ur new one is $2K in 1 month, wow this gonna be a tricky one for u i guess.
If u play many hours at CASH u can collect only with rakeback sometin like $500 so u have to make $1,5 in profit, well goodluck Smile

My BankRoll is steady, still growing, i play a littl less then i used to play, so i am gettin also littl less rakeback and rankingsbonusses.
I used to play 99% SNG, but now i'm playing everyday 1 sometimes 2 mtts and doin well 155% ROI so far but not a big sample size and only $5 buyinn or smaller.

BR now $12,5K so not bad for a lucky fish Blink

Was trying for WSOP, but dont want to put lots of $ up for it, played stage 4 so many god dam times its unreal, managed to break past it last night but burned for the side event 5th ($90) still got 1 stage 4 to play, iv lost heart tho.
stox is great, pokerbay it is Thumbs Up

doomdy, I'm planning on getting about $200 rakeback and make about $1800 in cash game. $60 a day sounds easy but maybe I'll have some downswings. 155% ROI is very nice, how many players in the tournaments? Have you tried 180player tournaments? $12.k is a nice bankroll, do you spend some or plan on spending some? I have a little over $5k, I haven't used any of it yet.

B1gfoot, how did your stage 4 go? Ya, pokerbay is pretty good. I Downloaded some videos of Joe Navarro, a retired FBI detective guy that analyzes human behaviour. Maybe it'll help me pick up some tells in home games Big Smile

I dont like big tourneys, like small like 50/150 runners.
My mtt ROI is only 100 games so very low sample size.
I never spend anytin from my BR dont need it luckily.

So GeneYuss you stay at Stars or plannng to go elsewhere?
There are 60% rakeback-deals on the net but i guess u know Smile

I haven't decided where I want to play next. For now I have deposit bonuses at Action Poker to complete, like 87% rakeback but Action Poker keeps crashing on my computer. Not sure why, probably has issues with vista because I didn't have a problem on my old computer. I have a free bankroll at UB that I never completed the requirements so I'll complete that, I think 2500 hands so shouldn't take too long. What pokersites are for 60% rakeback? Do you mean the double rakeback or another deal?

So do you play 2-3 tables at a time? I play usually 2-3 with one headsup table. I really like headsup cash game now. I play 50NL headsup and 50NL 6 max if I can find a good table...Do you use poker tracker?

I am sure there are many rakeback deals combined with first deposit that are 60%+
For sure, Ladbrokes, VC-poker, PKR, Cake ect....

I allways play 4 tables else i get bored.
I use a tracker program for PKR, PokerOfficer, very good but bad graphics Smile

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