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Will he make it?

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$100 to $10000 in 15 days!  +2   
Have you heard about this crazy guy who is betting for himself to build his bankroll from $100 to $10000 just in 15 days by playing SNG only.

He started yesterday and his bankroll is 422.80 after the first day

You can check his blog here:
Here is the forum where he announced his bet http://forumserver.t************m/54/poker-beats-brags-...

With 16$ SNG MAX it would be very very hard ...

But it's a very interesting challenge and I am going to check it every day. I hope for him that he's gonna win but not sure.

100 -> 400 first day is a quite good begin but not enough

In 15 days? I don't think he can, I would have bet a $100 with him that he will not do it in 15 days. Indeed only if I know him personally, if not no bet.

I think he can do this. In fact 16$ max so it is very hard. But he started with 1,10$ first, and naw have more than 400$. So I think it's possible Smile

Are you sure he started in SNG 1$ ?
He have the bankroll to start at 2$ or mayB 3$ because he had to do it quickly...

Very nice challenge Smile
Wish i cud do this wow Smile
Its gonna be very very hard but his first day is very impressiv.
I gonna check it every day Smile

Thanks for the info.....

very very hard to do, he started really fast but i don't think he could mantain this win ratio in upper level

Will he sleep sometmes ?

Seems to me very difficult, too much mental and physical strenght required Confused Confused

Is he a pro ?

the guy plays 50 SnGs at the same time, this is so strange. at the moment he's playing 40 SnGs with buy-ins of $6,50 on pokerstars (and registering for more!). the nickname is Boku87 btw.
for those who don't play at stars:

It's a machine lol

How can he plays like that... When I have more than 6 tables, I have difficulty to play normally ... and this guys he's playing 50 tables ...... Worship

At this moment +- 1000$

Sure now he's gonna do it...


Look at his sharkscope

Edited by Noogey (04 March 2009 @ 23:09 GMT)

the way this guy plays - sure he can!
or at least he'll be very close

Fokin incredible, check his stats i guess he is gonna make it Confused
Impressiv Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Here are his latest stats.
He is gonna do it.
Insane, and not really that long hours he makes, 6,7 hours multi.

Check his stats after 2 days....

Edited by doomdy (05 March 2009 @ 07:47 GMT)

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Posted by doomdy:
Fokin incredible, check his stats i guess he is gonna make it Confused

I hope not Shock remember I would have bet against him.

If he do it, he would won 90 000$ and if he lose his challenge, he would lose 30 000$

He bet at 3/1

well done, always in bank levels it is really incredible, but i don't know how he do, yesterday I was wathing him playing and he was doing 38 turbo sit&go (18-45 players) at same time. Thumbs Up

he's just inhuman... It's E.T.

it's incredible for the moment. In the begin it's quite easy for him but at day 10 to 15 it would be very hard, playing all the day during 1-2 days, it's quite funny but during 15, he would be tired ...

he is not fish so propably he can do that. It will be rly hard but....

I think that this is not impossible but very very hard...he need of a great lucky Blink. Great stats Shock

I think he can do it.
He's at 2178$ atm. And day 3 isn't over yet.
Good luck to him.

No words.......

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