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Why is it that every time I register for an MTT or sng on Action, I have to do it a second time , every time, before it will actually register me?

I've missed out on a few good mtts because of this problem. I thought I was entered as I clicked register > ok. When I came back to join in my mtt it had started without me! I noticed after a while that each time I click reg it doesn't actually register me at all! even after I click 'ok' to confirm. When I click register a second time, then ok, it pops up that I have registered.

It's a bit annoying.

Did you contact their support to show them your problem?

I had the same problem a while back (not on action) could never find a reason for it and missed out on some nice tourns, very frustrating. The MTT there would start with me in it but when i looked at the lobby (toourn lobby) it wold show me as a diffrent player then later in to the game recongnise me, again dont know why. Strange.

Also (dont know if im mixing my sites now), but i think some MTTs would start with me in but not take me to the table, id have to do it all myself.

lol this is why live play is always better Shock only way to miss ur table is to have to many drinks lol

I experience the same thing. I have to register twice and I don't know why. But it isn't such a big problem now when I'm aware of it Smile

Anyway, if you know the reason Actionpoker, a suggestion is that you somehow fix this out!

It's not a problem when you think of it at the time, but if you're about to leave the pc and click to register for a later mtt before you head out, it's very disappointing when you come back to find it didn't register you at all!

Any mtts I do remember to register 'twice' for get canceled, as said in my other thread. Maybe I'll get a reply on that some time too? I see one of their rep's was here since I posted today but ignored my posts.

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