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I'm just interested, i'm not new to poker; but i love the stories. I'd say my best was calling a guy with four hearts on board and i only had the deuce, called him and won all-in with over $500 on the line; pure gut instinct. whats yours ?

Biggest donkey hand I ever played:

I got dealt A2
board comes 5KT 2 2

the guy raised preflop
bets the flop
bets the turn
I bet the river, he raises, I shove, he calls

he shows K5s
I win a very big pot (PS: I was tilting like crazy cause I lost my AA on another table, won all back and more with this hand Tongue)

Of course on Full Tilt I won having 2 3.
Sit and go low buyin, late position, 50 blind, 100 big blind...
I didn't want to call but I did
flop 233
two players bet 100 and I call
turn K
one bets 300 opposite folds I call
river A
oppo all in and I won with full; he had '' only '' two pair AK Big Smile Big Smile

Angry Angry what lucky boys and pour your opponents,,,but this is the poker and always lucky is very strange Dollar Dollar

Hard to give you a good example. Daily I tend to get into situations where I feel I'm making the right move in calling a river re-raise on a 4 card flush/straight board with an over pair.

Although I did once call a guys hand who had a straight flush, only because he was betting into me and I had the ace high. It was in a live game though and I knew the player well as very tight.

i called wit an J 2 when the table showd K Q 7 5 5 he had something like 10 9, really lol, i thought he bluffed, and i called even with such high card like Jack

Best ever hand for me was in a 50c/ $1 game on Bodog..

I picked up 9 10 clubs on the BB

SB min raises and BB calls so I thought what the hell and called him.

Flop comes over J Q K clubs.. BINGO....

SB raises the pot the BB calls. I just flat call for value.

Flop comes over 2 clubs. SB bets 1/2 pot. BB re-raises to 3 times the pot. I again just call.Calls.

The river comes over and its another K.SB checks. BB shoves all in with his remaining $50. Obviously I shove all in and the SB calls too.

SB turns over A3 clubs thinking he has the nut flush. BB turns over K J offsuit giving himself a nice full house. I turn over my straight flush for a nice tidy pot of around $550....

I then go on tilt and manage to lose most of it within the next week... But still great to pull off.

I can write the luckiest hand i ever played Smile

Playing live we were down to heads up and I called a raise from the BB with 2-3 suited. Flop came down 10-7-5 and I shoved all-in.

Lol, button called with QQ and I hit running 3's

HaHa wat a donk Big Smile

I've folded a full house once in the line of duty.. and it saved my tournament life Smile

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