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I'm new to bankrollmob, and im awaiting a free deposit from TITAN poker courtesy of this site (thanks)
I've played at many online poker sites; PokerStars, FullTiltPoker, PartyPoker, CD Poker, VC Poker, and now its time to give TITAN poker a spin.

Because of these free cash deposits, I normally just donk off my money; but this time I'm going to be serious and try my best to grind out the initial deposit into a big profit.

The goal is to multi-table the micro stakes tables until i can get a bankroll high enough to up the stakes

So, basically this post is to introduce myself, an also to update my progress, and finally, to ask for input from you guys.
Would it maybe be better to play sit n gos?
SNGs can be hard in the micro buyins because the amount of donks that go allin with ridiculous draws and crappy hands

anyway, hello! and discuss Big Smile
Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Goodluck for your tourney Big Smile play well and win a lot of money, Titan is not bad but you have right the micro stakes table are full of donks Smile

yeah nice mate, hope you win something and get a lot of cash, but i don' t like titan, because my country isn' t eligible to that no deposit, my country has too less no deposits Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Titan has NL2. So you can start playing with 25 buy-ins for that level.

SnGs are not a good idea. Rake is 20% at the low stakes.

so i got my first free deposit this morning and played mostly all day.
i went from the starting 30$ CAD to 103$ CAD right now

i started off playing a few 50 player SNGs, i cashed out in all 3 of them, the 3rd one was the best cash in 2nd place for 20$
first place is 30$ and i was headsup with about 2000 less chips then the other guy and i had AcKc suited and shoved, he called with 6s7s suited and the hand was a barnburner

flop was 6c7c2d he flopped 2 pair
turn was a Qc so i made my flush
psycho river was the 7d so he made his fullhouse Sad

after that, just because i didnt have much time before i had to pickup my sister, i decided to play a few hands at the headsup 0.05/0.10c tables and realized how quickly i won a ton of money.

i played 3 tables and doubled up in every table in about 15 mins Tongue

so far TITAN is alright; I haven't suffered any ridiculous bad beats. that being said, the only quams i have with the software is
1, how do i change my avatar?
2, can i change my seat so I can always sit bottom middle, for example?
3, are there any large tournaments? I seem to only see 50 player max tables

First fo all welcome to BRM community.
I platyed several times on Titan so I can answer to 2 fo your answers:
1) I think uou can't; I tried so many times to change that old man without hair but nothing
2) I think you can't
Blink Blink

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