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Hi everybody, I dont think that Im the only one that gets mad over this bonus.

I signed up today, Directly when the clock was 11. When I clicked signup there was still 20 Bonuses left. It took arouind 10 minutes to signup, download and create an account. THe last thing to do is to "request money". When I pressed that button, it said " We can anly allow 25 bonuses each day ant that ammount has been reached". This makes me angry. BEcause I was the number 5 for today. I was the number 5 that signed up. Ive now signed upp exactly as the instruction said. Someone else that was behind me was done faster, but I was still the number 5 signing up. Its tha same as im in a line to pay food. And someone behind me just walking in front of me and take my place in the line. I think Bankrollmob should change this. Maby I wont geta bonus now because Im not in the 25. Even tho I signed up as number 5.

Bankroll change this.

/ nastyfrog

Nobody said you had to wait with the signup til 11 GMT, you can easily have done it anytime before. So when the offer opened up, you simply had to "request bonus" and you would have made it.

Now the good thing is though, tomorrow you can just need to 'request bonus' and that's it.

And you can't really compare it to standing in line to pay for food Smile It's more like walking around the supermarket, everybody can enter and decide what they want to buy (signup at the site). Then it's just a matter of going down to the checkout and wait in line (request bonus).

I dont know why you have your knickers in a knot Confused I got thevbonus following all the steps,( download etc), then waited till next day and then clicked request bonus at right time. Had $$$ in account same day. Hope you have more patience when you play. Big Smile

Good luck.

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