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hey i played in a freeroll and had about 5000 in chips and i got pair of 4
then one bet 2000 an i call. here was 10-k-4
then i bet 500. an he call
then ther come a 7 and move all in he call
the river was 4 and i got the pot of 9880 Big Smile

Nice hand. I had 4 of a kind after turn came. It was 10. I was playing slow and my opponent didn't realised so I earned a lof of money. Something about 100$. Smile

I love having 4 of a kind, I actually did a couple of times, not like royal flush haha!
Congratz to you! I wish you get some more Tongue

Nice hand; but for me- you should play more agressive.
You had one pair (4) and then was one more- time to GO Big Smile ALL IN

Attractive all this the friend Cool Cool Cool
but he(it) would not go a part of luck(chance)? Blink Blink Blink Blink

Nice hand Blink
maybe bit dangerous slow play but the result was very good for you ( and for your stack ).
Did your opponent show cards ?

Very nice hand! good job but i completely agree with Manuedo: slow play is very dangerous in this case. 4 Spade 4 Club 4 Heart 4 Diamond i like four of a kind Big Smile

having four of a kind is simply fantastic...
some days ago i was playing a 10handed cash game NL20; and was in BU (so last to bet)and had 88: one player bet 4BB another and me called
flop: 8A8......the dream came true...i was alone a home and was in point to call my neighbour as a witnessD Big Smile Big Smile

the only thing i had to think was: how many money can i win to my opponents? Big Smile Big Smile :

the first in began to raise every orbit more(he had AK) and the other and me just called til the river when i went allin and one folded and the other called.

i still remenber those good feelings

last week i played a 6 handed cash game 0,25$/0,50$, i was on tilt so i went all in with 10$, my hand was 10 J, my opponent called with JJ: flop was J 10 7, turn 10 and river also 10 Shock
I couldnt believe it first when I saw this

That is a rare hand! four of a kind! Congratulations! I had a straight flush yesterday, A TO FIVE clubs!! Big Smile But I didnt get many chips! This kind of hands unluckily do not give me a lot of chips.
In my career in poker I only had two royal straight flush!

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