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Does anyone else watch this?

Here's a link:

Surprisingly there aren't any poker ads on this site ( bar a Full Tilt logo ) so I think Fat Tony should be OK with the link.

It's fascinating viewing to watch Gus play 500/1000 blinds usually Pot Limit Omaha or sometimes a mixed game of PLO and Pot limit holdem. Sometimes other stuff too but not often.

In a game where Gus can ( and does ) win or lose 1 million $ a day do you think it is wise for Gus to put up these vids? If I was playing anywhere near this high I would not want my opponents to see exactly how I play and think.

Gus is one of only about 8 players that play this high regularly and I'm beginning to wonder if Gus is seen as the biggest fish in this very small pond of sharks.

Don't get me wrong Gus is a great player but I think he maybe the eighth best player in the world playing against the other top seven. Whenever I have logged on to Full Tilt and checked his tables there's always about 4 or 5 people waiting to play him at his personal tables. They could play each other when Gus isn't there but often choose not to.

Either they see Gus as a fish or after watching his vids they feel that they have found leaks in his game that they can now exploit. Either way I always hope Gus wins but often he doesn't and he often gives you updates of his recent losses and occasionally his wins.

The action at Gus TV is always super sick, pots of over $100000 are common place and the money often goes in with very marginal holdings too. I really don't know how Gus ( and the other seven ) can stomach the losses that they have to deal with on a regular basis.

If you haven't seen it already you really should, but you'll have to be prepared to watch a game that isn't NLHE.

thx ) i'll watch Big Smile

What's up guys - do you all not like poker, or are you just not prepared to watch anything that's not NLHE.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been highlights like:

Gus playing after a night out on the lash - where gus plays for $100,000 when he's " a little bit drunk "

Gus going on mega tilt after a couple of opponent suck outs - one for a $250,000 pot

Gus throwing away over $65,000 on a stupid triple barrel bluff.

It's a doddle to sign up and I've not received any spam. all you need is an email and Microsoft's silverlight software ( also free )

I have been watching a little bit . But I dont really know nothing about omaha so its hard to know if he makes the right decisions etc. The only thing i know of it is the rules, but I dont know when to bet/raise/bluff/call/fold yeah - you name it.

Still its fun to see the high pots - they gotta have some money ;P

Yep gus does play a lot of PLO - which isn't my game either - but I've been learning.

Gus has posted a 600NLHE vid and two $200 sit and go ( NLHE ) vids in the last few weeks. He also plays a fair bit of pot limit HE/PLO ( mixed game ) where you can at least fully understand half the hands.

Vids normally change every 2 or 3 days - so keep checking back - something that interests you will appear soon enough.

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