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Hello guys I'm here to start a conversation about the 10 episode of HSP and the elimination of durrr at NHU

About 10 episode....

Don't know why, but I don't appreciate the dwan's style, I think he could bank broken if he didn't had so many lucky with the cards


-vs daniel negreanu . he hit de 10 in river
-vs Phil Laak . he hit the 8

and he got owned so hard vs Patrik Antonius (my favorite in the table)

About NHU

- Never saw Phil H. play like this, he was absolutly fantastic guys, he owned durrr so so so hard

Give me some comments about what you think !!!

Glad you bought these up - they are two very interesting episodes in the world of TV poker.

I might as well start by letting you know that I'm a big Durrrr fan. He's a little smug and creepy off the table from interviews I've seen but I think he's the best new player to emerge on the poker scene in quiet a few years. His cash game results would certainly back this up.

It seems he is somewhat of a Marmite person where people either love him or hate him but he brings excitement and action to the game and for this alone I love to watch him play.

About NHU - Phil H played the best poker I have ever seen him play, very out of character and in a style he had obviously bought to the table just for Durrrr. Full credit to Phil H for doing so but ultimately we would not have seen this if he wasn't playing Durrrr.

How much Durrrr worship did Phil H spew after the game - I've never seen Phil do this for any other player before. Phil is so desperate to gain Durrrr's respect that I think beating him in this way meant so much to him. Phil H and the rest of the poker community have now realized that Durrrr is a force to be reckoned with.

About HSP - Players that watch only a few hands from Durrrr's sessions are bound to think he's just a lucky fish. His style relies on robbing a few pots when others have nothing or very little, getting out relatively cheep when he is beaten, mixing up his play so as to remain unreadable, and getting payed off big when he gets lucky.

The hands you're most likely to see televised are the ones where he gets lucky. Everyone gets lucky but the more hands you play the more likely you are to get lucky. So you can expect to see Durrrr getting lucky more often than everyone else - is he always more lucky than every body else - of course not.

In the hand vs Patrik. I believe Patrik is the only player at the table that is not scared to gamble with Durrrr and play pots with him. Nobody else wants to gamble 200K + with an AK pre flop and Durrrr uses this to his advantage.

Patrik plays Durrrr regularly online and knows his game well so the fact they can make moves on each other is not surprising. If you want hold your own with Durrrr then you need to make moves like this but only the best players with the biggest balls can.

Fact is,at NL cash games Patrik and Durrrr are way better than everyone else and are the only players not playing on scared money, probably because they play for those kind of stakes every day. Nobody else, at this table does.

You and others may not like him, but Durrrr is a top player and we can expect to see plenty more of him. I however am so glad Big Smile

I agree with you about durr skills and if you check when Phil says to his dad '' This guy is probably the best player of the world, but he's the best under 30 for sure'', receive a compliment like this from Phil ( you know his personality) it's really awesome !

by the way nice post !!

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