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Hi everybody,

First of all I would like to congratulate the owners/admins for this fantastic site. I have been a member of various poker forums/sites but this one is by far the best I've ever encountered. Props Smile

I'm a Danish male, almost 30 summers old.
I do not live in Denmark anymore, I moved to Thailand 3 years ago and I'm now living off my web design business. The winters and the summers in Denmark ain't nothing to get excited about so I thought a move to a warmer country would be a good idea and apparently it was......I'm still here lol
I've been playing poker for more than 5 years now even though my skills are not on that high of a level, I still enjoy playing poker and don't mind losing a few bucks here and there. It's all fun as long as you can afford it.
My favorite game at the moment is pot limit omaha, I use to only play hold'em no limit but found out that both pot limit and omaha suits my playing style better and my money lasts longer.
I don't really have any live poker experience since poker isn't a popular game in Thailand....unfortunately. They don't have any casinos either but they do in some of the neighbour countries but still no poker, only baccarat and similar.
So if any of you guys come by, do give me a holla and maybe we could make a mini tourney or sitNgo Big Smile
My other interests are currently trying to stay in shape since my scale got on the other side of 100kilos Shock so now im running and eating healthy food. Love music and movies. I never say no to a party.
Well that was my mini introductions, I hope some of you will do the same. Then we could get a tighter community and I'm all for that because now bankrollmob is my home Smile
I would love if we could form a league and play against other poker forums, I've seen that on other sites. Then we could all show them what the members of the mob is made of Cool

Take care everybody and good luck out there and remember never to spend more than you can afford Smile

Sad no one wants to say hello. I'm going to bed now. I can't handle it. You ruined my day............ Big Smile

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Hello there Mastergryne! Thanks for introducing yourself and soon I will do the same. I can´t imagine living in Denmark, being that I´m so used to the tropical country which is Brasil. But I would sure like to visit sometime in the future.

Here in Brasil we do not have any casinos, but poker is growing rapidly due mainly to ESPN. So there are alot of cash games happening everywhere underground.

As for a Bankrollmob League, I´m all in favor! Would be nice to see everyone´s skills!

Well, take care and keep posting. Thumbs Up

Thanks for replying Smile you saved my day. I wont go to bed just yet lol

Great, at least one soul is saved for the day!!

By the way, it´s only 13:06 over here... I have a long day ahead of me still!

hey mastergryne!! welcome to the site Big Smile hope to see you at some of the tables and wish you good luck Big Smile...

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