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All right people im back Agree Big Smile thanks for your comments and well now i will try a new challenge but this time i will play on Poker Stars in Sit&go and tournaments, they send me a great deposit offert and i will use it Tongue thats will be my way:

Level 1: NL Holdem Sit&Go 2$ 6 tables BankRoll 100$
Level 2: NL Holdem Sit&Go 5$ 6 tables BankRoll 300$
Level 3: NL Holdem Sit&Go 10$ 4 tables BankRoll 650$
Level 4: NL Holdem Sit&Go 20$ 3 tables BankRoll 1200$
Level 5: NL Holdem Sit&Go 50$ 2 tables BankRoll 2500$

Final: 5000$

Mi Nick Name is DonMago666 Cool

I will play 6 hours peer day and i will try to completed this challenge in 2 months need time to study Tongue

Well Gl with your new quest, hope it all works out.
What did you finish with on your last quest?
I keep thinking about taking my money out (again) but then see stuff like this and think "go for it",
So thanks and GL.

hehehe well i finish whit 15k in fulltilt but whit a car Blink now whit that i will wait to my vacations period and maybe travel to USA whit my girlfriend or maybe to Australia dont know yet Big Smile

What deposit offer did Pokerstars send you? And did you cashout before and after a few months they sent you the email to come back?

I think I should be doing what you're doing like moving up levels once you reach certain amount of $. But I move up when I'm feeling good or winning. Like I had $800 on pokerstars but I was still playing $5 cause wasn't feeling good lol. And I was playing on Poker770, was feeling good so 8 tabling $10 sngs with only $160.

Anyway, GL with your challenge. Seems like you know what you're doing Smile

By the way, do you use any programs?

Wow...that is so impressive...I hope that I can grow my bankroll like you have far I've managed to blow two free bankrolls, but on my third one I have quadrupled it - I also have read some books - I tend to play more sng's as opposed to ring games, but after reading ytour story I'm thinking I'm on the wrong path lol...congrats m8! MOBSTERS RULE!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


Wow. Six hours per day multitabling SnGs. Sounds a lot like work to me. Shock
Do you plan to take one or two days off per week to avoid an early burn out?

Good luck to you.

Wow hopefully i can mirror your success god knows i need it!

I'm not sure if this has been said yet but I can't read all 10 pages cause I am at work Tongue

What programs do you use? What strategy do you use? What books have you read? Thank you Smile

Any other websites that drastically helped you? Big Smile

Looking forward to your response

Well for now my account is on 87$ a total -13$ so bad i need say but i dont have much time to paly right now begin the university test and i need some things after im start playing but well i will begin whit my career in a few weeks for now thats my Balance

Days Playing: 2
Total Sit&go :15
Sit&go won :3
sit&go lost 8
prizes: 4
hours playing: 4

When i finish the university week i will continue whit my Carrer Tongue

Answer some questions well i read some poker books like Super System of Doyle Brunson, Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players for David Sklansky and Professional Poker for Mark Blade and I use programs like Poker AceHud and Poker Office well i will finish whit my obligations on the University and then will continue whit the new challenge see ya player Cool

post: i will take a english class soon lol Big Smile

Good luck. Why go for $5000? Does it have something to do with the bonus Pokerstars gave you? I would just play if there was a pending bonus to work off.

Flavourlicious, my friend..., congrats... : -P ... Good job........ : -D

Me, I also play poker for one year now. I started Playmoney at Pokerstars, than Freerolls at FullTilt and with the won 90er-1$-Sit'n'go's..., than i transfered the Money to PKR where i play now 10er-1$-sit'n'gos and sometimes 50'er-2$ or a 3$-tournament.

It runs not bad..., but usual I wanted to do it like Chris-Ferguson and make the 10.000$. But I'm not really 'moving' the last months. I'm happy if I play my micros... ; -) ... But storys like yours make me more brave to try it again... : -P

I've transfered now some $ from PKR to Unibet..., perhaps a little bit a better room for a 'professional poker-carreer'... ; -) ... also if i love PKR.......

That's my graph....:

Nice challenge Smile Good bankrollmanagement Smile Good money Cool

I do bankrollmanagement, i can play $50 sit n go's but i stick to $10 and $20 Smile
When i feel real convident i go to $50 Smile

iseen that same account before,the pix u posted.well done,nice try. Aww crap!

GL dezimC, I'm on 0 - 10k too. I'm not playing much, at a about $2700 now.

You can check out my progress. My computer is lagging so bad right now, thats why my graph was going down. have to clean out my compuer, too much junk on here Smile


Fine, 'GeneYuss', good luck to you too.... : -)

Well, I'm not sure if I will be really able to stand at the higher Buy-In's. I guess I'm quite good in mathematics..., but with the 'psychologic' component at poker, I guess my talent is more average or a little bit under average. But who's to shy to try will never find it out.... : -P

thats a great progress Gene Yuss, well im back to fulltilt and i will try to made some money this month dont know how much but i will try too play a lot of hands and of course my challenge in Poker Stars will be continue Blink

yes, i like storys like this one.

Those photos seems to be worked on photoshop Confused .. they look strange.

Nice done i hope you gonna keep doing so good i hate then players get a badstreak and goes on tilt to win back Aww crap!

nice one Blink

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