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To bad Mago isn't here anymore , i wish all i read here it's true ^^.

Excellent work, congratulations and I believe in you, despite what people say is a lie about your bankroll Worship

God there are some gullible suckers out there..

Mago won $10k did he ?

Erm, no he didnt...

If any of you wish to go to sharkscope and check you will see he's still playing, and hes been playing as recently as the 14th November in $3 games.. $10k bankroll and he's playing $3 games.. I dont think so.....

More to the point, hes playing very very badly, he hasnt cashed in weeks and more often than not hes one of the first out..

I am not sure that I should mention that Mago666 happens to be a member of every forum offering freerolls and no deposit bonuses.. Do you seriously think someone with $10k in their bankroll is going to be playing in $25 freerolls against 1000 other people hoping to cash for 24 cents ???

Face it.. You've all been conned.. made to look rather foolish...

And if you really are that gullible, then could you transfer $1000 into my FTP account, and I promise I'll pay you back once my Lottery cheque has cleared with the bank....

I think the term SUCKERS springs to mind.

Posted by doomdy:
Posted by OffsuitFish:
Thumbs Down mago, i hope for you that everthing is true! but honestly i don't believe it. its possible to achieve that, but since your stats at several tracking sites are bad or not listed. i cannot believe a word!

Giv the guy some credit mate, he did show some screenshots ect.
Wud u believe me i done the same?
Wud u believe Turbo he done the same?
Wud u believe GeneYuss he done the same?
Wud u believe B1gfoot and Shokaku, they maybe also done the same?

So please some respect for Mago, u did an excellent Job Thumbs Up

All the non-believers are just jalous and ur problably the reason why he never post anymore.
I am also kinda fed up with this jalous behaviour too, so i also decide NOT to giv any updates anymore.

Just retarded..... Thumbs Down

Mago ur a BRM legend, u were my hero, an example that its possible to grind $10K and even more, TY for that, screw the non-believers.............

Dont want to piss on your fire, but have you ever actually watched him play ?

For someone thats online for 12 hours a day, he's notorious by his absence all the time.

If could produce you an image of me lifting a WSOP bracelet.. I could tell you I've done it. But it doesnt make it true...

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wauuuuuuuuu good job maded just dont stop and finally get place in WCOP and crack the title Big Smile from Cada Tongue
great then u can play a lot and u can win a lot Worship


Congratulations! so as accomplished,

I wish I had a streak like this and be able to increase my bankroll that currently is in out Dollar Thumbs Down Sad

I`ve seen Mago666 playing freerolls too, posting usernames to gain entry to $100 freerolls without missing a single one. I don`t believe he made that or he was stupid enough to blow it off in few sessions

congratz man Smile did you play so you had 30buyins to the table or how did your bankroll strategy look like?

yes beatifull!
congratulation, but can i ask how many hours u played poker?
more then 2/3 hours on a day?

lol weres mago? is he another wannabe or is this true?...great to hear storys like this but it seems everytime i read one it ends up fake?..? joe

Posted by Predobar:
I`ve seen Mago666 playing freerolls too, posting usernames to gain entry to $100 freerolls without missing a single one. I don`t believe he made that or he was stupid enough to blow it off in few sessions

Sounds strange,,, Shock


Finally he did it?! OLEEEE MAGOOOO!!!!! 10000$ its a really nice bankroll, much more nice than mine Big Smile .

Now you must go for another 0 more!!!

Congrats and good luck!!


Well, i hope mago's story is true, he was my big hero in my poker ''early years'' Tongue

Too many opinions to say something new.
Anyway it would be fantastic to have a '' career '' like him, even if it wasn't a true story Blink

yeah there are alot of great writers out there..maybe he should ditch poker and write a fairytale?

Let me congatulation to you man. You are a very very good player to bulit 10 000 Dollars from 50 Dollars. I hope i will collerct 10 000 Dollars like you. Hard work make Results Smile Nice Bankroll. Good Luck. Meet at the tables.

Wooow dude! Very, very nice! Pay out and buy yourself a beer! You deserve it! :O

expensive ass beer Smile no1 did answer mago gone now too?


i gotta ask..whats everyone doin to get banned? i dont wanna fu*k up and do the same..or did i jus do that?

congratulations, nice bankroll im planning a grow on me but i still cant, actually i have lost my deposit lol, it wasnt too much but i cant increase it:S...

Posted by Mago666:
Ok one year ago I Make my first deposit at fulltilt... I deposit 50$ my all bankroll on neteller well im stared so bad first lose a 70% of my money then im im read some books and strategys and sooner the 30% letf of my 50$ began to growing up!! first recovert my 50$ then 100$ 200$ 400$ ....................... and now one year later Finally I have 10.000$ on my fulltilt Account!!! and of course In the pass year Im become a great player and now my all bankroll count all poker site is on 25.000$!!!! finally the hard work make results!! lol

there are some pics for the memoryes Blink


buen bankroll felicidades, y supiste aprovechar tu deposito, yo actualmente juego en PS, y he planeado o he querido por mucho tiempo empezar un buen ano o empezar a tener una buena racha y crecimiento en mi juego pero cada que tengo dolares o hago algun deposito, mi bankroll empieza a bajar jaja, hace poco perdi mi deposito de 15 dls, lo pude llegar a subir a 50 y cuando pense que todo iba por buen camino lo empece a perder hasta quedarme sin nada:S.... dame unos consejos para ya no perderlo jaja ..

felicidades y suerte que sigas aumentando tu bankroll.

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well done m8 it took me 3 years to make 10k

Oh deam nice

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