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Ca$h - SNG or Scheduled tournaments?  0   
I didnt find a poll like this and I think is important

Cash : exciting and deep, but u can lost it all haha

SNG(max 90 players) : fun and equilibrated , isnt so long and you have to change your playstyle

Scheduled(90+ players) : long tournaments, but big prizes!!

I dont like cash Tongue ! , I combine SNG and scheduleds

What do u think?

It really depends on your personality. If you are a patience person you can play scheduled tournaments or cash tables with SSS strategy. If you are more aggressive you can play cash tables with another strategy or sit&gos. But my advice is try the 3 of them and play what you prefer!

i play both but not at the same time.
i went for months just playing cash mainly for the points (on FTP you get lots of happy hours that give you double and sometimes tripple points) so its well worth doing.

But of late i've gone back to SnG's i do like the challenge and the pay off Ha Ha Cool
Infact i'll stick to SnG's for a couple of months now too.

If you "can lose it all" at cash, you don't apply BRM. Don't take your whole roll to tha tables. Cash is more complex than the other two.

Cash, more skill involved and a much more respected game, in a SNg etc ppl will "just" call or what have you cause they know all they will lose is th small BI at cash ppl think twice and make better choices.
But they are all fun..

Cash for me - being permanently deep ( I always buy in full ) there's more play involved and more moves you can make. If you suffer a suck out - no bother just rebuy.

I play the odd torney too but SnG's bore me stupid.

I think they all require a lot of skill to win regularly, you have to very flexible for large MTT as luck just wont cut it, I reckon that SNG's would be the most basic but deep cash play is definitely the daddy. I've always wondered if the people playing 12-16 deep games at once actually make money?

I like to play cash because if i take a bad beat i rebuy in a tournament if someone with 17% chance call the all in i made to protect my hand and the miracle card hit, im off the mtt or sng after have invested a few hours... It drives me mad... Lol

Maybe in higher buy ins this doesent happen so often, right?

cash games are ok, but u need be carefull, as always Tongue steps begin over NL25 and up

MTT up to BI like 5 $, it is still many donkeys at % BI less than e.g. BI 1$, but always u can lost like :

2 x AK vs J3 pre flop all in
J3 at flop.

like 1,5 hour of play, MTT .blinds every 15 mins, acutal 240/120

I raise to 780, other guy call 780, 3rd all in with J3, 4,5k

but on others limits i gusses u can find same

and S'n'G, are fine, but in MTT play more unexprienced players than SNG, so i think sng (90 max) are more dificult than MTT with 200 ppl

well thats it is my opinion, and

of course ABC POKER only way everywhere Tongue

I like them all, but i play cash game the most but maybe when i get my bankroll going i can start playing some tournaments and sit n gos Smile

If im planning to not play for very long I play cashgames. For a longer sessions I usually play sngs (10people) and sometimes if I find a intresting sheduled tournament i play that one - usually happens once a week,

I prefer low stake SnGs (up to $5 ones). Smile

I like to participate in MTTs as well but so far I didn't win any reasonable amount in any of them. Hopefully it'll change soon. Blink

i made my way from playing 100% cg to 70% sng 25% mtt 5% cg in NLH
play omaha 90% cg and 10% sng at playing NLH to PLO is 85% to 15% of my time

99% SNG and 1% MTT.

I play a little of everything. But mostly cash games. I play MTT from time to time. But didn't have much succes in them

5% cash game, if i have not long time to play
15% MTT
80% SnG

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