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is this bad play?  0   
***** Hand History for Game 8128659710 *****
0.25/0.50 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Sat Jun 06 14:19:58 EDT 2009
Table Table 126872 (Real Money) -- Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: Sculler59 ( $49.16)
Seat 2: micca82 ( $15.50)
Seat 3: mammaknuller ( $23.04)
Seat 4: Fish_Only ( $51.95)
Seat 5: HERO ( $56.70)
Seat 6: chips6556 ( $50)
HERO posts small blind (0.25)
chips6556 is sitting out.
Sculler59 posts big blind (0.50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to HERO [ 7s, Qc ]
micca82 folds
mammaknuller folds
Fish_Only folds
HERO calls (0.25)
Sculler59 raises (0.50) to 1
HERO calls (0.50)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 7h, As, Qs ]
HERO checks
Sculler59 bets (1.42)
HERO raises (2.84) to 2.84
Sculler59 raises (6.39) to 7.81
HERO raises (52.86) to 55.70
HERO is all-In.
Sculler59 calls (40.35)
Sculler59 is all-In.

Yep, it is.

Raise or fold preflop. Don't do such a gay minraise on the flop. If you want to raise, RAISE. After his 3bet, i would like o have more info on that player.

Did you end up winning the hand??

What did Sculler59 have?

Yes, its extremely bad played. Why do you think its that impossible that he have QQ, AQ? Fold pre, or fold on flop when he raises you...

it is blind on blind though, i would be pretty happy flopping 2 pair against BB, Villian could eaasily be reraising with AK, AJ, A10 even Arag

he had a 10 and lost

Posted by daverj:
he had a 10 and lost

Wow. Calling an all-in 4bet with TP ten kicker. Confused

Expert play. What site does this guy play at. Big Smile


yeah id say playing Q 7 o is only going to get you in trouble in the long run.
You should not have been in the pot with Q7 unless you have a plan to bluff a weak player or think you can out play the other player post flop (with any two cards)
You cant / shouldn't just play randon hands , thats a very bad habit to get into......
Also your bet was to weak as there are many hands out there that have you licked did you not hink about this? Confused
Anyway i have found party to be like this most times i've played there Aww crap!
But its hard to be on the reciving end of this type of poor play (please dont take this personaly) Blink
Its only my own observations Sleepy (and im often blind folded) Sleepy

due to ur position, SB, u could raise if nobody calls before, or fold preflop on Q7. the most times u play this u will get in trouble, so if u raise and BB calls you preflop and flop, think in check/fold turn.
i dont completely disagree with the raise on flop, but thats true that u could raise a bit more. anyway, doesnt matter because u went all in on flop, but remember that for any other times

With Q7 i wouldn't even call 0.25 to see the flop.

Lucky for you you got two pairs and a weak player. Cool

playing with Q 7 and actually wining in that way could lead some to think theyre on a roll Smile ,
invincible even Evil , trouble is you loose controll Shock roll downhill Confused the hit the solid player and bang your Aww crap! and loose your Dollar Dollar Dollar
if you can live with the possible outcomes gool luck

ok, things got good to you, but others above me already said and i agree with them, you should be careful playing Q7 in those limits, even being SB, you are just confident that BB will check, you cant do that! In my opinion, the only wrong thing you did was call BB, because the rest is well stollen Blink

but it also depends on the opponent! in that case he was a really bad player and so it was ok to raise with 2 pairs

Looking at that hand history, I would say it was a catalogue of bad play.

Firstly his pre flop bet was absolutely pitiful. 50 cents is a pathetic raise with a marginal hand.I would have riased it to at least $1.50.

The call pre flop.. well I guess it was cheap enough but the way you shoved all in with 2 pair is a recipe for disaster. You could have been behind to trips, a higher two pair in fact any number of hands.

To shove $50 into the pot on a weak two pair is askin to be crucified...

You shove every chip in you have no way of getting out of it should another ace or a 10 h it on the turn or the river.

I have sort of a different approach to the hand. I like the call with Q-7 preflop in a blind vs. blind battle. There is actually a pretty good chance you have the best hand in this situation. However, once he raises you, even a min raise, you MUST be cautious. Then when the fireworks went off on the flop when you check and he bets 3/4 pot and you min raise (why min raise here? I would really like your input on what decision made you min raise) and he 3 bets it back to you. His 3 bet was not even 3x which means for whatever reason he actually wanted the action with only A-10.
Most likely, especially when you get into the higher limits, after this type of action your Q-7 is crushed by 7-7, QQ, AA or AQ. For you to shove an additional 40 (his effective stack) at this point is very dangerous. Do take this as a lucky mistake that you were simply rewarded on and do not do this in the future if you want to keep your bankroll in tact.

i think im ahead. min raise on the flop is seen as a weak bluff by most people and any ace here would call/reraise. i dont remember exactly but my table image was probably pretty loose. so a reraise by him thinking im bluffing is an acceptable move.

Q7o isn't a good hand for call, and less against a raise preflop, this action is EV - in the long term.

Aww crap!

you had mutch luck but next time dont call with this Smile it wasnt suitted it wasnt connected and the Kicker of the Queen was S**t ! it was a Bad but Lucky play Smile so go to buy some more Luck for the Winning Money Big Smile anyway Gz to the nice pot Smile

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