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Hmmmm..... I'm not sure how to explain this but i will try.
I have noticed through the short time I have been a member at this site, that we have some serious and hardcore posters. People who really put a lot of effort into making the forum an interesting place to be.
Couldn't we have some sort of Elite members and to become Elite you either need to do a lot of posts or quality posts. Maybe "The Elite" could be rewarded in some sort of way, doesn't have to be money or mob safe cracks. Maybe a cool little icon by our names or something similar. Maybe some special privileges. That could also be a way to encourage other people to be more active in the forum. I believe we have a 30-40 "elite posters" at the moment and I read a post by admin mentioning that you have 2000 female members and only god and admin knows how many men but still we only see the same 30-40 people posting.
What do you guys think and admin ? Bad idea ?

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We have actually been thinking of some kind of "VIP" status, but we just don't know the following yet:

* Conditions for becoming a VIP
* Privileges of being VIP

And without those 2, it's not worth much being VIP Smile

... but it's something for the future, most likely. We can't add it all at the same time Big Smile

very true. Maybe this thread can spark up some ideas for you guys.

I don't know if i could be defined a " elite member" but for sure your idea is in the right direction! The problem of this forum is that there are some people who post nonsense words only to get those 10 or 5 points, i think that BRM should stop to give points for posts and start to give a sort of reward to active players...
For example i have seen that a lot of people who crack the safe has never posted on this forum.... why not let only the "VIP" players play at the MOB game?

Tja " what do you guys think and admin ?"

At risk of been mistaken for one for the boy's I will reply anyway Big Smile and say that I think it's a good idea Blink

I have to correct my answer I don't agree with pispola: What do you mean by "reward to active players" and where at the tabels ? And if you mean in the forum then you contradict you self ?

Maybe I read it wrong but, please corret me if I am wrong Big Smile

Edited by Iskold (01 February 2008 @ 21:52 GMT)

I'm very sorry. Did not want to be rude. But it is used as a general term for a bunch of people both women and men.

@pispola.....I think it would be great to reward active players too and have also mentioned it to Admin. But BRM can't see the accounts activity so I was told which makes the reward system imposible Sad

Ok M3turbo but they can see the activity on this forum..

I don´t know what kind of priviledges and autonomy can be given to such "VIP Members" but it could be something interesting to be studied.

My suggestion here for now would be to give the person who starts a thread, the autonomy do delete any post under the thread that he or she created.

NOT the option of editing, but the option of removing it.

This would solve many forum "fights" and arguements.

Hey, if you can´t really under any circumstance get along with the author of the thread then just create your own!

What do you think?

Ohh yes.....I thought you ment active players. I was thinking of somekind of rakeback for the elite/most active players as a reward Smile Dollar

Should be really nice as some award for the most careble members Blink) !

This is a very nice idea, being a VIP would be great, a privilege could be having the VIP team enter a small tourney as BRM representatives. Blink

However, I can't be sure if you can have a fish as a VIP / elite member Aww crap!

who´s the fish?

What do you think of this idea Admin and all of you members (wrote "guys" first)

We could start it next March 1st, starting day. Enough time to spread the word around and to make necessary preparations.
I guess Admins can sort active members somehow and see which of those are truly active and which are just point grabbers. I know its time consuming but i dont think that will be too big of a problem.
So after 1st month, April 1st, you put some joke how everybody is given a VIP member status and have an entry to 1,000,000 $ VIP freeroll. While everyone searches where to register you quietly give someone VIP member status and She/He can accept it or not, because there are some obligations to do.

They must overlook something what you can appoint to them, they should do this or that, i dont know, nothing big but requires some attention.
What are the perks: Lets say weekly MTT Freeroll nothing big just to make it sweet but as there are not so many players its short and fun, and to make it interesting to others every VIP has to pick his top quality poster to participate in that MTT. Maybe bigger prizes and leaderboard system, something like that.
That way you can take some work of your shoulders, make active members happy and make other members to start posting quality posts. Cash prize for the freeroll would be only cost + your time to pick VIP members in the first round.

Predobar Aww crap!

I just noticed im Middle pair Worship

Edited by Predobar (02 February 2008 @ 04:19 GMT)

Wow, so many ideas going on, nice to see everyone participating. As for VIP members, I hope it doesn´t create some sort of unhealthy competition between mob users. The important thing is that, VIP or no VIP, we should all continue to participate and continue to grow together.

I see alot of people putting their time and effort in the forum, which in my point of view is already a VIP and don´t need priviledges or titles... they have my respect.

I realy like the idea of having a freeroll, as bankrollmob already does promote in different sites, but maybe we can have a more intimate weekly or monthly tourney, involving the more frequent and active members.

Anyway, I hope you can get something out of what I said and turn it into something constructive and positive.

good luck Thumbs Up

yea theres alot of great ideas that i read lol i thought of a couple read down and they were more or less said.. i think its a great idea... and we all (meaning the most likly "VIP" Blink members all pretty well know who should be a VIP and non vip because its always the same people in the converstations and posting replies and giving input...

so its only going to affect us and there really isnt anythin we cant really do right now so i see the main point to this VIP is to try and raise that 2% activiational members...

Posted by thefodz:
who�s the fish?

I'm the fish Aww crap! Aww crap!
yeah there's so many ideas and threads going on that the admin probably can't browse though all of it, guys can we try to lower the number of threads created?

Heh this thread rly grow and its rly nice to see ppl have so many ideas and care so much ... seems like there is slowly growing rly nice community Smile) keep going guys

Privilidges could be extra points for posting in forum when reached vip level, faster cashout when trading points in for cash, access to some exclusive offers like staking?

The vip could get more points to there post mayby Worship

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