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We have all been there, hit the nuts, pumped the cash, and been outdrawn on the river.
we blame donks / fish, when thier cards are rubbish,
bad beats when our opponents make better hands with good starting hands,
or bad luck when our nutz on the flop go down.
i think the reason could be that with online poker:
all hands are randomly generated, if a site has 8000+ players
logged in, with 6500 seated players, each table averages 50 hand an hour, that means the computer generator produces approx: 325'000 combinations an hour / or 5400+ every minute.(not including the play games)
Thats a lot of combinations, which must surely mean whenever we get the nutz in any one hand, at the same time within the site there must be several hands being dealt which would beat our nutz flop.
i think because of the mathermatics involved, we are all going to experience some s**t hittin the fan sometimes. I supose bankroll managment is a good safe guard in this mathermatical minefield.
do you agree / whats your theory

Its same s**t as real life poker, its random, but we play a lot more hands online, so we have a lot more bad beats.

"Do you agree / whats your theory":

That donks own us with 3% chance of hitting a 7?

easy, s**t happens

yeah thats what makes the game great cauz when we the ones smashing the river its all good,but sux other many variables.always bet hard when flopping nuts no slow play you see where you stand.guess you gotta know when to holdem and foldem. Aww crap!

Hmmm i never thought of it that way but yes i see your point RNGs are realy working hard on a busy poker site Big Smile
So if you are lucky you could just go all in any time you wish and not wait for hands to play and still come out a winner....That happens to me alllll the
It just shown that you WILL get some sick beats but so will a person sitting on another table playing at the same time Big Smile
That makes it sooooo much easyer to handle Angry
Next time i get my ass handed to me in a poker game ill take comfort in the fact someone else has just lost to a even more crazy bad beat, or some other smuk playing A3 Vs KK... Aww crap!

You are on to something.

When you play online you play far more hands, so even if there are only 1% chance for a badbeat they happens. 1% is only one of 100 hands, and online if you mulittabel you play 100 hands in a couple of hours.

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