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What to do on turn with overpair and two callers?  0   
$1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)

Known players:

UTG2 = ($35.30)
MP1 = ($219.00)
MP2 = ($17.00)
MP3 = ($168.30)
CO = ($50.00)
BU = ($49.90)
SB = ($383.45)
BB = ($36.65)
UTG1(Hero) = ($197.00)

Preflop: Hero is UTG1 with K Diamond , K Heart .
Hero raises to $6, UTG2 folds, MP1 calls $6.00, 4 folds, SB calls $5.00, BB folds.

Flop: ($20.00) 6 Heart, 9 Heart, T Diamond (3 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $20.00, MP1 calls $20.00, SB calls $20.00.

Turn: ($80.00) 9 Club (3 players)
SB checks, Hero ???

What to do on turn with overpair and two callers on the flop?

Difficult to say without knowing the players in the hand.
But the board is so drawy i guess i would bet against most opponents. 50-60 bucks.

hmmmm with K K hmmz thats really the best hand in there i think hmmm normally nobody calls only with A A or with a hand that would had hitten 2 pair !!! hmmm i would bet pot and take most of the pot that i could !! the only hands to beat you are maybe 9 9 or 10 10 but also good players normally fold this hands ,, 6 6 is always folded!!! i think you are doing well raising at least half pot =)
what had you done???

the mp1 and sb colled just 6 $ preflop when they are deep stacked so when they calld on the flop i put them on a draw ( flush or strait) or a made strait (7 8) so thei call eithet to draw or to trapp you! the bord paired on the turn so you have to think about trips,strait, fullhouse or even quads kow but so do the other players with oane player cecked i woulkd ceck and see what mp1 does if i bets i'll try to recall how he played before that flop if he used to be agressive i wuld probably call a bett smaller then 60 $ if the bet will be hier or the sb re-raised i would fold.

curious to what won this hand?

You are overpair at flop, wich is very good. Your bet ($20) was a bit high if want to steal some from your oponents. You should have made a bit lower bet, perhaps $14 max. But, after turn, you are in a "doubled table" (dont know how to say it in english; this is the expression used in Portugal when there is a pair in the comunity cards), so things are more complicated. A small oponent can now be miles away in front of you with three 9's or Full house Tens over 9's. With a pot of $80 and stack $170, you can think two things:
1- If you go all in and MP1 doenst have nothing, even if you loose to SB, you will loose few;
2- If you dont go all in and decide to bet (at least 3/4 pot), you can receive a call from MP1, so the end is always the same, you will always end this hand in an all-in situation because you will never fold your KK's.
I would go all-in.

P.S. It has to be upper class players to call $6 with 9T...

By the way, how did it finished?

Thanks for the feedback

I did not like this hand, and felt I played it wrong. I did not have any good readings on my counterparts and since the board was so drawheavy and there could be made hands, I decided to not build the pot and check on turn.

This is how the hand played out:

Turn: ($80.00) 9 Club (3 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, MP1 bets $62.00, SB calls $62.00, Hero calls $62.00.

River: ($266.00) 2 Heart (3 players)
SB checks, Hero checks, MP1 checks.

Final Pot: $266.00.


Results follow:
Hero shows two pairs, kings and nines (K Heart K Diamond)
SB shows a flush, nine high (5 Heart 7 Heart )
MP1 shows two pairs, jacks and nines (J Heart J Spade)
SB wins with a flush, nine high (5 Heart 7 Heart ).

As you see I was ahead on turn, but lost on river.

I was thinking about raising 75% of the pot on turn. This might have made MP1 fold, but it seems like SB woulde have called such a raise. I felt an All-in would be to risky the way the board looked like. But looking back I think an all-in was the only thing that could have made SB fold.

Edited by MrMan (07 July 2009 @ 07:57 GMT)

Expert play by the SB. Calling such a big bet on the turn with a draw on an allready paired board, and then putting no money in, when his miracle card hits. Confused

I really think that you should not have checked the turn. You already know that this was a drawy board. Also, based off of the fact that you were not re-raised preflop usually will indicate that you are not up against AA so the only real hand that you have to worry about is 10-10 or 9-9 on this board (and with the 2nd 9 hitting on the turn it is unlikely that 9-9 is even a possibility). Also, hands like 9-9 and 10-10 would likely have raised on the flop since the flush draw and also Q-J straight draw are possibilities. It would have been nice to have had the J-J raise your flop bet as this may have got rid of the flush draw, but he did also have a gut shot straight draw as well so he did have outs.
Your best bet if you chose to check the turn is to simply shove on the turn after the bet and the call to try to isolate, but even still if the player with J-J would have called it, the flush draw likely calls as well. You should have known that the SB was drawing though since he checked and called on the flop as well as the turn. Luckily for you he did not maximize his value on the river with a bet.

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