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I found a very intresting artical on the net, cant mention the site cos its full off bonusses.
Its basicly wot my plan is when i hit my 20K target.
Move too Stars to play the 45/90 Man SNG.
I think i can play 6 tables multi or even do 9 tables.
Its basicly ''tight is right'' in beginning and steal when blinds getting high.
I like the more bokku style when blinds are high ''Shove Or Fold'', but we ll see.
I am not sure but i guess the only site ere you can multi these are at Stars, at Full Tilt these dont fill up smoothly.
Well its very intresting but a littl long Tongue
Here it is....


Stars five table 45 man poker tournaments can be very profitable, fun, and a great way to improve your “late game” in multi table poker tournaments.

A lot of poker players enjoy playing the 45 man 5 table sit and go’s at PokerStars, at all buy-in ranges. These popular poker tournaments give players the feel and structure of a full sized multi-table tournament but without the large field and long hours to completion. I often teach new poker players that sit and go’s are a great way to learn how to play final tables effectively, and the 45 man tournaments are a great way to combine the final table “bubble” experience that is so crucial for winning sit and go players.

The Poker Stars 45 Man Tournaments pay out the final 7 players so proper final table bubble experience is essential toplaying these profitably. Proper basic strategy is to use selective aggresion as play gets short-handed to accumulate a lot of chips to make a run for winning. Short stacks must learn how to make a stand at this level and all players must be willing to take a “flip”.

45 man sng tournament players, winning players that is, all know how how and when to switch gears. Let’s see if we can outline a winning tournament strategy for how to consistently win 45 man sit and go tournaments at PokerStars.

The 45 mans on Stars fill fast at all levels, each tournament starts with 45 players, pays the final 7, and will play down to a single winner just like any other PokerStars “freezeout” style tournament. Both turbo and non turbo versions with stakes from $1+.20 up to $100+14 dollar buy-ins. The registration times start slowing down after the $60 buy-in level, which average around 10 minutes to fill. Players all start with 1,500 chips, blind levels are 5 minute turbo blinds and 10 minute levels in the non-turbo versions of the game. Turbo PokerStars 45 man sit and go tournaments will last about an hour and the non-turbo version approaching the two hour mark on occasion.

Strategy At The Early Levels (30-45 players left)

Tight is right in the early levels of these PokerStars tournaments. Going deep in these poker stars 45 man tournaments is an excercize in patience and using selective aggression. The reason I reccomend such tight play in the early levels is because you want to build a table image of being a tight player so that you shift gears later on to take advantage of the other players respect for your starting hand range. Shifting gears at the right time, in the right spots – is essential to winning tournament poker.

While I generally try to avoid showdowns early on, I’m not afraid to get all my chips in if I think I have the best of it. Playing tight aggresive post flop poker with only premium hands is winning poker at this level. When facing tough decisions we will better be able to evaluate our opponents holdings as we watch and learn their tendencies. I love to limp with pocket pairs up to Jacks and “setmine” to get my opponents whole stack, I know I can fold small pots with big hands to win big ones they can’t put me on. At the later levels and the final three tables you should always raise a hand like pocket Tens or Jacks, but I don’t mind setting traps to get a big stack early on.

Middle Level Strategy (18-30 players left)

The blinds are going up now and you should start stealing blinds to grow your chipstack. If you haven’t been “All In” yet, chips into a pot yet, you will soon. This is the best time to open up your range of starting hands a bit and start playing more aggresive pre-flop poker.

If you are shortstacked look for a spot to get your chips into the pot for a double up. Don’t be afraid to get all your money in with Ace Queen off suit. If you have managed to accumulate a big stack, forget protecting your chips. Don’t shy away from pots with other big-stacks, and you can even call short stacks looser than usual if you feel like gambling for the chip lead. This is where I recommend playing loose-aggresive poker. Remember, another 45 man sit and go tournament starts in just a few seconds so now is as good a time as any to bust out trying to accumulate a stack and busting out other players. The final table comes very quickly, and most players will be concentrating on making the final table rather than having a huge chipstack to win with.

It is no coincidence that I rarely make the money in these tournaments with a short stack, when I get there I tend to be one of the top three chip stacks because I have taken most of my risk in the middle tournament levels.

Final Table Bubble – Bust Everyone (10-18 players left)

Proper bubble strategy at the final two tables is to steal blinds and bust short stacks – with no mercy.

#1 If a short stack is all in ahead of you , play very tight in calling behind.

The blinds and antes are big enough, but avoiding doubling up a short stack is generally good strategy for all players. Furthermore, use the acceptable “implied collusion” method which is checking down all but made hands without actively saying so or breaking any rules (chat is blocked when all in at poker stars so this will not be an issue).

#2 If a short stack is all in, defend your blinds.

If a short stack has 10 big blinds or less and shoves all in on your blinds, call with a very light hand range. I would call with any suited connecters, any two high cards, and any Ace or King. I will certainly call with any pocket pair, and will really only fold the worst starting hands like 72 off suit.

#3 Adjust your Pre-flop Raises To 2.5 Times The Big Blind.

A normal raise in poker tournaments is 3-4 times the big blind, at this level we are playing more aggressive and stealing more pots with lighter cards so being able to fold to a re-shove from a stack capable of crippling us is critical. By raising 2.5 times the big blind you will still get most hands to fold and you will profitably collect blinds, with less risk. Any hand that will call or shove on 4 times the big blind will also do that at 2.5 times the big blind so you are effectively maximizing your risk vs. reward ratio.

#3. Consider stack sizes and re-shove into the bigger stacks.

This is self-explanatory, gamble with the short stacks and only play premium starting hands against the chipleader. A secret to getting stacked this late in the 45 man poker tournament is using your big stack to re-steal from other players. If you are certain that a particular player is likely to fold to a 3 x bb pre-flop raise, and he still has 15 or more bb’s by doing so you can re-raise these stacks to 9-11 times the big blind for a very profitable steal. The key to doing this is leaving yourself 15 big blinds if you are forced to fold to a fourth bet when doing this with a weak hand. All well known poker tournament pro’s are using the re-steal in every poker tournament they play.

Playing The The Money Bubble (8-9 players left)

The time for playing over aggresively has passed, you should have accumulated enough c hips to be comfortable with 20-25 big blinds (or more) and you can relax and wait for big edges, while the short stacks fight for the money. I would avoid big pots with chipleaders or with any stack capable of busting you, without a very big hand. This is a good time to ensure a “return on investment” for our time and buy-in and is so crucial to playing winning sng poker.

If you have a short stack, around 15 blinds or less you need to look for a spot to get your chips in (and hopefully steal some blinds). Hopefully another player or two gets knocked while you wait for a good spot. Don’t let yourself blind out, and don’t play scared poker play any big ace or pocket pair very aggresive.

Playing the final table of any poker tournament or sit and go tends to invite action, a lot of inexperienced poker players are just so happy to have “made the final table” they forget that only 7 of the 9 players at the table will be paid! Let the bad players have their TV moment, while they throw around chips at each other you can look for ways to win!

Final Table Strategy (0-7players left)

45 man final table strategy should be played largely on the read you have made on your opponents during the previous tables. You can go back to patient play for the most part, knowing each place you move up in the money is . Weaker players will be happy they made the money, and you can expect 2-3 players to be knocked out very quickly.

The prize money is very top heavy in these tournaments, largely concentrated in the top three spots. Your first immediate goal should be to make the top three, then go for the win. Pound the opponents you have seen will easily fold there blinds, and practice avoidance on those who are constantly shoving all in.

With first place paying about 14 buy-ins and 7th place paying just 2 buy-ins for your time it is clearly worth it to be patient and move up the payout ladder. As I’ve said before, the thing that will help you most achieve this is to have a huge healthy chip stack so you will feel very little pressure in the end game.

Be mindful that being patient doesn’t mean being passive, aggressive poker is still winning poker on poker stars tournaments. Raise and re-shove moves still work well here depending largely on your opponents stack size, and picking off shorter stacks is still a very equitable play, as you are rarely going to be worse than a 60/40 underdog.
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Don't play these kind of sngs... too many people Big Smile
But there is always a nice amount of money inside such games.... so if you can do it very good, keep it up Smile

hmmz i also enjoy the 45/50 man or 90/100 tourneys at CD poker and other sites. i mean if you are unlucky you can go out after losing because there is normally always someone who calls you and lucks!! the blinds increase mostly really fast 4- 10 mins and soon its "all or fold" and if you are unlucky you will be killed by blinds !!
hmm but if you get on the final table and play good , there is a lot of money to win =)

Bit optimistic.

I guess you will rarely have players at the final table, who don't know that places 8 and 9 are not payed.

Personaly I think theres a few things wrong with the guide, but i guess it is just a guide and not written in stone.

I dont know this Stars game, but i enjoy a lot this type of SnG, i used to play a 90 players SnG at Party, now i dont know if they still have it, and i often went to the prizes. Final tables are just like a big tournament final table. One other very interesting experience is being the Poker770 token tournaments. Lots of players from here, so the level is not too low, and final table are being quite interesting. If you still havent got the bonus, its time to get it and try doomdy's technique! Blink

I watched these 45 Mans (Also 18 Mans) at some instr vids and its basicly like this.
Offcourse tight is right in beginning, basicly same as a mtt.
When you got a hand play it agressiv.
But offcourse u have ur own style wot fits.
I am more a shover then a raiser.

didnt read all that but one rly important thing to remember is the number of people at the table. e.g. if there is 28 players left u will be 7 handed making it easier to steal but soon it will be bk to 9 and you wwill need to be abit less agressive

Hello there Doomdy,
i always play these kind of tourny's also they dont take to long and they are fun to play .
the last few days i only seem to lose just before the prices
i wil have to try your takticts maybe it helps me a litle
i also love to play the 3,30 rb wich .
can you tell witch taktics i have to play on that one?
these kind of post are helpfull

@ erik1970:

Well, this is just sometin i found on the net, you have to find wot best suits you not copy this.
For example my post-flop action is sometin i have to work on so for now i want to take pots without a shodown, so in late stage when blinds are high i play ''Shove Or Fold''.
This works for me, for other players it works not cos you allways have to find a spot to shove.

Btw wots $3,30 rb? Rebuy?
I luv rebuy MTTs, they are my biggest moneymakers, remember allways do the rebuy in first hand and allways do the add-on also if you have a good average stack.

i restarted to play at stars because of the sng and mtt´s ( as i found my poker in this section)

today i played a 1$ 30player turbo-sng and tried a mixture of abc and negreanus smallball-strategy ( 40% -60% ) and i made the 2nd ( rrrr... got headsup a bad beat with AK, he shoves A4 and hit the 4 on the hand i was allin because the blinds....another bad beat on the river he got his str8 and beat my toppair but ok...)
you can play smallball on this limit as at stars the 1$ sng are superior in comparsion to eg ipoker or what else...

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