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i came across these, thought i'd get your opinions -:
Here are eleven tips that will help you win more and lose less playing no-limit holdem:
1.Play starting hand combinations that can grow into very big hands.
2.Because of huge implied odds, you can afford to play smallish pairs in hopes of flopping a set. While youll usually have to release your hand on the flop, youll more than make up for this on those occasions when you make a big, well-disguised hand win all of your opponents chips.
3.If you have the best hand and figure your opponent for a draw, bet enough so that he does not get the odds necessary to play his draw.
4.When you have big draw, try to get there inexpensively if possible, and be aware that you might have to release your draw to a big bet if you don’t complete it on the turn.
5.Avoid playing draws out of position. If you act after your opponent, you wont find yourself trapped by a player who acts after you do.
6.There are big differences in the kinds of starting hands you can play in no-limit and those you should play in fixed limit. In a fixed-limit game, youre in search of starting card combinations that can make top pair with a terrific kicker. In no-limit, you want cards that can grow into very big hands on the flop, so that you can trap your opponent for all his chips.
7.In a restricted buy-in no-limit game, you will usually call raises with top pair-best side card, and plan to buy in again if you lose all your chips. But in a deep stack no-limit game, you have to be prepared to release those hands, as well as two pair, and maybe even a set on occasion.
8.Bluffing plays a much larger and more significant role in no-limit than it does in fixed-limit games.
9.Many no-limit decisions are predicated on the number of chips you and your opponent each have at risk. The more chips that can be won or lost on a hand, the more prudent and strategic the play usually is.
10.If you have a relatively short stack and are raised in a no-limit game, youll probably call and buy in again if you lose. But if you have a deep stack and your opponent does too youll have to release a lot of hands that youd ordinarily call with in fixed-limit or restricted buy-in games, to avoid losing all your chips at once.
11.When playing no-limit holdem, dont call a bet before thinking through the implications of additional bets — sometimes a subsequent bet may be for all your chips on successive betting rounds. No-limit is more of a wagering continuum, while fixed-limit betting tends to stand on its own from one round to another.

4. Sometimes it is good to play your draws aggressivly. You can bet and raise with them.

6. Mhm. The only one i really doubt. Fixed limit is multiway most of the time. So aiming soley for TPTK is not a good idea.

7. Depends on the table.

Jeah easy and nice "rules" but in the long run, they won't help you, because every good player knows them and knows how to react on them Blink

these rules can help a begginer to get a grasp on the basics but for a seaoned player most of these just assist him on reading you as a begginer. He / She will see you do these thing and mark you as a fish then set about taking all of your $$$$$$$.
You need to be aware of these tip in order to grow as a player and maybe you can pick out the fish's at your table when thaey start to use these rules. Tongue
These rule dont tell you how to play they just guid you in to making you predictable, thus benifiting the good players.
If you are predictable you will either loose all your $$$ or never get any action when you have a good / monster hand. Blink

yep you play like this and you dead meat.every hand is a new situation,a different read,different plays,different cards,different players,adapting to every hand is most importtant.

Best way to get some good tips is by playing and learning and trying to find your own style.

Generally, the more you play, the more experience you gain, the better you become. Practice, practice, practice!

These tips are good for a person new to poker, so that you don't make stupid mistakes.
But they will make you highly predictable, so its better to analyze your opponents and play according to the conditions.

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