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Hi... or should i say moro.

Google Translated version, as we only allow english in here:

The goal would be to have a list of players from Swedish and Finnish experiences expressed treasuries. Their advantages and disadvantages at a later date. How is gone and how you are dedicated to poker, or is it just a nice pastime.

Mulle poker could play a major role in a jacket, but the children will take time, but I enjoyed it a lot. Töissäkin have to go, so the wife was not really find time to play with. Interest is, of course, had for years, witness to the line the shelves of books, but the game online for the time it is time limited. Up to 35,000 hands together. I live to play jokaikinen day about 2hrs Smile Nice work-hour food breaks and the "slide in" coffee breaks. Live the game I have some plus-doors, but these free funds, I usually have a few exceptions, destroyed too greedy and by toivorikkaalla shotittamisella, as well as in the ass if you play.
They are something to have missed is just sittareilla played, I do not cash onlinena know even know how to play. I have sometimes risen to 0 ----> 450 € NL20 but it took until the early hours of the morning game. Together with the exported 2kk and tuhoaminen2, 5h Smile

Now is the courage to increase and it is time to get around 600-1000 € poker seriously taking. Intended to keep the money placed in 0-level and grindailla (learn it, and cash) and use enemmin time anyway, and the analysis of the top by the book games.

In retrospect, regret, when you have become a brushed (Blink trying all possible expressed RolliT the web today, so the rakeback deal will probably more difficult now? Is it the experience?

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prkl ! Evil
english only here

Haha... Nice translation.. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Does Bankrollmob need any Finnish workers to admin your many finnish users? Im available! Heart

Hey admins? Im serious. Should u perhaps create land based threads, so everyone could speak at their own languages? This should help many players, for example spanish, portugese and italian players?

Just sign some regular players/BRM users as admins, and they will inform about illegal moves etc.

Why not?

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Try to learn Esperanto.


Well, I think stick to english is easier.

Finnish players?

Ziigmund went missing and Patrick Antonius has had a really bad week. The Swedes are taking over the number one spot with din_fru and martonas.

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