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tight agresive  0   
what to do when you have read a few books on how to play online and what is the best system!!!!!!!!
tight agresive !!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i have been donig that for a wile now but dont get any f hands to play !!!!
and when i do get AK sombody beats me with fucin 7 3 or 89
i have a realy bad run!!!
what should i do???? stop playing or play more loose?
i play a lot sit and go tournys
and the last week it gets so bad that they take all my chips without even playing a few hands Confused

Tight aggressive is good only for multytabling.If you can play more loose,play.That's for cash tables.
SnG-s is other thing,you should play tight at 1 point of the game and play more loose at other.

thanks for the reply.
but i dont get hands to start with latly.should i just stop playing at that poker site for a wile then?
sombody told me that

Start Tight, pick your spots,look out on table who is chipdumping and try 2 take their chips.Later on loosen up and steal the blinds more often(push/fold) and make profit with your tight table image!+

You can't play to tight in later stages of a SnG, or the blinds will eat your stack. If you really want to play tight aggressive only, play full ring cash games.

Play a very patient tight game only in early phrase tournament/SnG when blind still low ,in the midle phrase play more agresive to win extra chips and in the late phrase when blid high here you either go all-in or fold on the pre-flop.. so tight agresive maybe right in the midle phrase if play tight agresive in early till the late phrase on the tournament i think it's not a good idea.. Big Smile

loose aggresive. c-bet. pay attention to ur opponents.

i think you got the right ideas, oktodiar
what you say makes a lot of sence

You cant just play TAG, if you do then you become very predictable and wont be making much money, yes its the safe way to a profit but its a long run.
In a tourn you should follow some sort of stratergy but at cash tables you move with the flow and adapt your game to suit the table. I wasted far to much time playing TAG.
But it is all horses for courses.

- make notes of players
- mix-up your playstyle
- do not always raise the same amount with premium hands (because ppl on the table will recognize it and they will fold, so you cant make any profit and you can leave the table)
- do not just limp in with made/premium hands - too many callers(+3) will make your hand worse and even with Aces you will just win 30% on the long-term
- sometimes its good to loosen up your game, if you smell weakness at the table (raise, raise, raise.. durrrr style, but it works Blink )

The right situation is very important to have success and for that you need experience in poker.

Don't play tight aggressive throughout the game, that way your opponents will just blind you out. Mixup your play, and try to be unpredictable. if you have a good hand raise, that will decrease badbeats and be careful with donks, remember they can get good cards too

it is what you make of it i guess, some people are tight aggressive i think this style is easy to detect in a few hands then u stay away from them. i wouildnt play like this but some people can make good moeny this way. u have to find your own way and style through lots of study and trial and error at the table. Peace Smile

So are you mixing it up a bit yet Eric, or have you found the joys of LAG.

a la the b1gfoot its situational - read the table - adjust accordingly - you need cards with calling stations ( or made-ish) hands - but if the tables playin dead tight - steals, bluff re-raises, semi-bluffs etc all come into equation. Its funny cos B1gfoot said in a post the other day - to Flangel i think - try playin without lookin at ur hole cards for a bit of fun, play the players , not the cards.

I played a $6 DoN on PP with a playing card stuck on monitor over my hole cards - and i absolutely pissed it in. Ended up second in chips after the 5 had been eliminated. Just played position, judged weak raises etc and timed all-in steals perfect.

I may have another go soon..........all the best Thumbs Up

At cashgame its Kameleon. U can't stick to one certain style or pattern.
If I play a Sng ( wich is not often) I like the suited connectors in early stages to see some flops, so being extra tight in early stages never paid off for me coz I want to have some chip accumulation before level 3-4 arrives in a SnG.

Tournaments : Don't spend too much working on your image coz sooner or later the tables breaking up

I do tend to lighsteal more in a tourney .
In cash read some stuf about bluffing the turn, float postflop and barrel the river if U have no value in showdown.

It's all about who ur playing against, coz ur not playing the cards, but more the pllayer.

Liv ftw Heart

TAG is the best style, by far. Most people claim to be TAG, but are actually Tight PASSIVE. Big mistake. Play tight, but be aggressive when you get hands. Easy to say, harder to do...

i think the secret is to know when to switch gears. Most players do not even know there is a gear box hahahahaha Blink

It really depends on your limits. People who play NL2 plat with a different philosophy that people in NL10 or even higher stakes

Alot of people that play tight pre flop don't know what to do when the flop comes and they miss. Often enough to fold to a probe or conti bet.

that is so true... i get suckout by donks all the time in lower limit. but when i play higher limit ppl respects my raise

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