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quote":that you want to stop playing poker is something that is understandable but the reason why you want to give up playing poker sounds like a bad joke to me"

i only once felt that way as i met a 70y old granny on everest Big Smile well, all i was thinking was jsut "pls dont call" lol...but after a couple mins i didnt care anymore - not my business waht she doing with her pension. who knows, maybe shes a old rich lady.

LORD, it's a gift!

It's a gift from above!

Make it float like a dove!

Make it scream like Michael in a rhinestone glove. lord, Lord, LORD!!!

Well i m sry to say i really dont care if i detroy peoples life cos i take all their money Confused
Maybe i am an ass, but i am not responsible for wot people do with their money, if they want to gamble please do...

Well got to give it to you a lot of ppl would be getting angry at the dismissal of higher powers, but you keept your calm and gave good answers, it would be a shame if you quit playing as you have the right attitude (ish).
Just think you are doing Gods work, he wants theses poker players (sinners) to repent and you are his right hand man, like robin hood you could take from the rich and give to me.
Preach as much as you like I will never give in, in my books if he does exist he is a nasty man, for many reasons, oh and I will kick him in the nuts if he asks me why I should be alloud in to heaven, theres my answer God.
If I remember correct, I was tought that the Devils greates achivment was convincing us he does not exist, if so should the bible ect not concentrate on telling us of his story so we have the fear of the devil and not the fear of god.
I hear purgatory is getting quite crowded.
Best of luck to you cenccu.

Posted by B1gfoot: The Devils greates achivment was convincing us he does not exist,

Verbal Kint (Keyser Soze) in the Usual Suspects

After that my guess is that you will never hear from him again. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

Outher quotes from the film

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Or is God himself Shock

lol :>

God is death, and enjoying his endless virgins on Vahala. And now the Man believe in a cultural construction, pretty like an stone statue. Please tell me the diffrence between The Church (or any other organized religion) and a club of any sort.

im one a break my self havend played in 6 months

haha.... I LOVE taking peoples money. Unfortunately it doesnt usually work out that way for me. I have lost about 2000 over 5 years and as a hobby I am happy to have spent it. I LOVE to gamble but I have a very good control over my stakes limits etc. I dont really drink or do drugs so I figure I am entitled to pass my money up the pyramid to Gus or Daniel or Tom lol...

Posted by fcumred:
You have got to be kidding surely..

You dont like taking money off people ?

I would check raise my own granny for a $3 pot...

Class. RESPECT. Nuff sed. Thumbs Up

Wow - this thread has turned into a holy war!

First of all: Poker is as honest as any other job - maybe in the holy bible gambling is kind of a no go, meaning that it is a sin.

Would I enjoy taking someones house, car etc.?

I suppose not, but if you invest in the stockmarket you will also end up taking money from someone. By supporting EU in principle I also support further starvation and a further cribled Africa. It is always possible to twist things and criticise it like you do.

I would never play myself at stakes which involves a combined value of someones car and house, not because I feel sorry for him, but because I am nt stupid and would never risk that much myself over a pokergame. Even if I felt I was better, it's still poker and let's face it I might loose even if I know I am a better player.

If the idiot gambles with his entire existence it is his choice - and maybe it was Gods will that he should loose - If you are that religious you should consider that possibility.

With regards to Gods existence there are many miracle storys, but on the contrary also many scientific evidence that like the entire old testament is just one big lie. I am sure there are both "miracles" experienced by christians, muslims, buddhists or even Jehovas witnesses. Now which faith is true?

"Miracle" or "Magic" is just a tecnology dont knew yet. Instead of think in wich faith is "true", I accept the fact the human beings have a need to believe in some bigger than thenselves in order to grew up as a colletive.

Posted by MasterY:
maybe in the holy bible gambling is kind of a no go, meaning that it is a sin.

Actually the Bible doesn't say clearly "thou shall not gamble". But it says "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."

So if you start love money more that anything, it is bad.

poker is a game of chance - people try to gamble to win big....i have no problem playing poker against someone who has invested $30 for a few hours of fun...if i go out to supper it would cost that much...the problem is the guy who instead of buying food or paying rent he spends it hoping to get rich quick....won't happen....most poker player will lose more money than they make,,,

I think his right! I'm in too debt right now because of poker!

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