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I have had a relentless downswing, the usual bad beat rivered again to junk stories. Id like to think i have the capabilities to get a decent ROI. I have won much more live, my net stats arent great but then i havent deposited that much. I put 35$ on titan the other week and ran it upto 150$ which was about my best day but since then have slid badly. I seem to go deep in mtts but get close to the real money ( top 10) then i try to go for the win rather than sit back and just cash small. Even though i feel im on a downswing, (my nlhe is unreal at moment, i am playing omaha h/l which i enloy 4 change), i feel i am close to a big win. Anyway im gettin off the subject here but basically i enjoy the ipoker sites and have prob had best results there. I have been playin ultimate bet lately and gettin creamed. Party poker aswell. Should i stick to ipoker? I have forced myself to have a couple of days off thru steaming!

Omaha H/lo => Variance

ROI = will become better if u improve along the way

U need at least a couple thousand tourneys / sng's before U can Judge.

Glad U can force urself off for a while, just take a deep breath.
u need help. i coached some people in the passed. or tried to remain their bankroll and so on.

Just see which room / network u feel comfortable with and stick with it imho.

well online poker is certainly different from live.
Personally i'm not a fan of ipoker but if you are able to win there then stick to it. no use playing at a site where u keep on losing. don't worry ups and downs are part of poker.

Thanks 4 the advice. Coaching would be nice. I enjoy this game and would love to be able to play stakes to do it for a living. I've read countless books super system1/2 all j vohrhais killer pokers, sklansky, hellmuths, etc. Harringtons on hold em 12 etc. i have just been in an ecp malta sat and got busted 2nd hand. I made a standard raise wi AK (1500 chips start) i raised 90, got re raised 320, thought bout pushin (prob best move) but called. Q high flop (all clubs i had none), im in pos, my opp shoves. i fold. the next hand i fired on every street, i had Q/10 board was J 9 6 3 rainbow i shove the river he calls ( same dude from b4) , river comes 4. he shows K3 for bottom pair and im gone. c'mon. am i playing badly or what? i dunno.......

For some years i played in pokerstars MTT and stt, i was beaten hundred times by running running flushes, straights. I could even tell how i will be beaten this time when i go allin and see crap cards. I jus thought i had bad luck. Then i went to ipoker. And you know what? I m playing for 3 months there and my worst beats were like when i have a bigger pair and lose to set, no more losing to runners runners, or to 3 straitflushes per day. Sorry for my bad english

I dont play much on the net but i like the I-Poker network is easy to win and the site of this netork offerts a lot of promotions for new player thats why i love it Blink

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