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This is from a live poker league tourney, 32 players, 4tbls of 8(but, that doesn't matter), so the HH is just from memory:

blinds 25/50
Hero[UTG] 4.1k
Villain[MP] 4.7k LAG
Donk[LP] 3.6k Donkey

Hero [Jd Td]

I limp expecting to call any reasonable raise. Fold, Fold, Villain raises 225, Fold, Donk calls, fold, fold, back to me. With Donk in the hand, and stack sizes, I claim this is an easy call, even OOP(this bothers me little, I prefer to have pos, but can play OOP quite easily).

Pot 750

Flop: [Th 7d 9h]

Hokay, not great, but not bad, TP, gutshot, 1 over. I check, Villain fires a full pot 750 cbet, was expecting cbet, but probably not that big, looks like an overpair, maybe TPTK, like hand, maybe just 2 overs. Seems very 'go away' type of bet. I know this player, btw. Donk calls! That kinda prices me in, though I'm not in love with my hand, getting 3:1. If I don't improve on the Turn, I'm likely outta here.

Pot 3k

Turn: Ace of diamonds

Well now, a good card and a bad card. I pick up a fl draw, tho only J high. I check, Villain fires another 1.5k, Donk folds(doh, if they call, this makes things a lot easier). What's to do? Getting 3:1, and my hand has improved? I now have the 3rd nut fl draw, and I believe a T is good enough, so if my outs are clean. I have 11, 9 diamonds, and 2 T. Iffin 2pr is good, I pick up 2 more J outs. At best 13, and about 27%, but only getting 3:1. Also, If I call, I have only 1.6k left, and that would hurt if I miss. But, what if I hit? I think it is implied the rest is getting shipped, and I can probably get paid. I bravely call(not really, but need to maintain poker face.

Pot 6k

River: 9 of diamonds

Ok, I'm either way ahead, or way behind here, I think ahead. We'll soon find out, as I 'Heidi-Hoh' my last 1.6k. Villain tanks...............................................................................

And finally calls "to see what I have". I flip over the Jhigh flush, and they muck( I did see one card, an Ace). I scoop the pot, as Villain tells me how poorly I played the hand, and how I was never getting the right odds to call any of the postflop bets. I smile and proclaimed what a fishy-donk I am. Didn't want to tell him how wrong he was about the odds, as if he wants to be an idiot, who am I to try and change. Also, I want him to keep playing like that against me, as I like his chips coming my way.

At first I thought that i may have played a little loose on this hand, and maybe gambled a little bit, but I then ran the numbers thru pokerstove( Hope they format well, else you may need to cut-n-paste into text editor.


equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 40.279% 40.05% 00.23% 3559523 20371.00 { JdTd }
Hand 1: 59.721% 59.50% 00.23% 5287545 20371.00 { AQo }


Board: Th 7d 9h

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 78.276% 78.28% 00.00% 8335702 0.00 { JdTd }
Hand 1: 21.724% 21.73% 00.00% 2313442 0.00 { AQo }


Board: Th 7d 9h Ad

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 37.881% 37.88% 00.00% 7155683 0.00 { JdTd }
Hand 1: 62.119% 62.12% 00.00% 11734544 0.00 { AQo }

Don't like the play on any street. Preflop limping UTG with a LAG behind? And after the flop you may be priced in in a cash game. But this is a tourney.

Where do u play?
I have to come over.
I didnt read it in details coz it makes my eyes cry.
Ur playing uber idiotic against LAG spastics.
Your hand is easily dominated.

Why the fook checK?

Just lead out then , value bet and see what he does
Coz now ; he made a potbet, wich is even more donkish.
U call the pot bet... wich is even more silly

He eaily could have turned U wtih AJ-AK.

He made a pot bet to get U off the hand...

If U go crazy by calling a pot bet with a T J kicker...
Easy fold preflop, postflop and turn.

"Math Is idiotic"

Edited by Flangel (15 August 2009 @ 19:46 GMT)

"Don't like the play on any street. Preflop limping UTG with a LAG behind? And after the flop you may be priced in in a cash game. But this is a tourney."

Yeah, probably, if you play strict ABC poker. UTG is way outta position for this play perhaps, but trappy cards like these win big pots. As posted, I was willing to call a reasonable raise, because of known LAG and other players.

You're right this is a tourney, one of the troubling things about the hand. I was getting in deeper than I wanted, plus I couldn't control the action, just hope to control the pot. Aww crap!

"Why the fook checK?"

Pot control. Why stack off with TPMK, and middlin fl draw.

"He made a pot bet to get U off the hand..."

Of course he did, seemed obvious. He needed to overbet the pot on each street to ruin the odds. He couldn't do it on the flop as there are still 2 other people in the hand, AND I'm sure my limp call has probably caught his attention. On the Turn, I can only hazard a guess. He doesn't want to risk his whole stack here, who knows?

"Math Is idiotic"

Maybe, not the whole reason I made this play, some of it involves reads on other players. The odds where in the back of my mind, though...

Seems everyone missed that the River, although brings me the fl, also prs the board, so my fl is useless if they had a set or X9 2pr. I missed this at first as I wanted my shove to be almost instantaneous, thus showing supreme strength. It was only when they tanked, that I noticed that not only was it a diamond, but also the 9. I also thought they would fold, but, the more they tanked, the more they thought long and wrong.

Also, you may not believe, but I have a VERY TAG image, which put fear in villain, and when I showed my hand, most of the tbl was aghast, as almost everyone except villain, put me on at least a FH. Nice to mix up the play a little.

Also, sometimes you need to gamble a little, makes the game more fun, and keeps the blood flowing...

note : " The Math is idiotic' was actually sarcastic and popped up in my mind from the HSP season with Barry G, coz by the time i was posting this, I was reading the new barry G Line on 2+2 for the new season.

And since I may not post links here, go look urself about the Barry G thread Smile

Edited by Flangel (18 August 2009 @ 07:48 GMT)

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