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I am posting this as I am not sure I played this hand entirely correct.

I am playing a 3000 GP with approximately 830 players to begin with.
I go out with 243 left at a blind level with 100/200. I haven't really hit any cards and my stack is limited to 1800 at this time.

I am in small blind with 10,6 of spades. Normally a clear fold, but since three guys decides to limp, I get rather good odds, so I pay the extra 100 to see a flop. I have only 1600 in my stack now and a total of 1000 in the pot.

The flop shows 3,7, 10 with only on spade and two diamonds.

I am first to speak and decides to move all-in. I get called by a guy already holding 77 and trips so I loose and go out.

I have only 9 BB before the hand.

Should I have folded the hand pre-flop despite the good odds offered to me?
Should I only have made a halfpot bet and folded to a reraise?
Or should I call to see the flop and just check/fold despite hitting the 10 with a weak kicker after the flop?

I make my move because I am rather low, but technically I could have waited another or two rounds before being pressured all-in. I believe the way I played can be defended because of the lowstack situation, but it would be nice to either get confirmed on this play or get other suggestions on how you believe the hand should have been played.

hmm ... what about moving all-in pre flop ? It is SOOOTED !!

to me your stop and go is very risky against so much limper( and you can say there is 1 or 2 small/middle pocketpair everytime), but if you want to play this hand further you have to do this. a valuebet would commit you , the shove makes it easy. you get called by the flushdraw-hands and by guys with trips 2pair or big pocketpairs.
a big preflopraise would commit you too... shove preflop or fold<-- imo

what room was this?
~600 of 800 busted up to level 100/200 Confused

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No blame for U.
U can't wait. U have hit toppair with so much money preflop in the pot.
I would do the same imho. if u only had 10 BB left. fook that? Next time I would say.
unlucky he had set ofcourse.

correct play imho. No need to think about it. Try to pîck that 1K in the pot, if not => ur busto.
many players will still call U with AK or A high in that situation, wich still gives U an edge
toppair back door FDraws and backdoor Str8draws.

If Ur carddead and levels are 100/200 => toppair looks like aces

Agreed, to be honest you are not commited to the pot, you can easily fold your top pair no kicker, since you are very unlikely to be ahead agaisnt a call which you are certain to get on that board against 4 opponents. It is alright to call that with your hand since you are in the SB but I wouldn't keep putting in money with anything less than two pair or a pair and a decent draw. You still have enough of a stack to get back into shape and you have just short of an enitre round before you will be in the blinds again and you even have some fold equity with your 9 BB not much obviously but decent time to get a better moment to put your money in there or even pick up the blinds buying yourself yet another round.

For me that would be an all-in or fold preflop. If you push after that flop, you are only get called by a better hand. So as one player calls, you are doomed.

"For me that would be an all-in or fold preflop. If you push after that flop, you are only get called by a better hand. So as one player calls, you are doomed." yeah thats true i agree with that ! ! ! Thumbs Up

recently ive been limping all my SB where possible and it can really pay off. if your short with a weak holding its probably best to keep this strategy up. yes you could wait but you will basically be getting a coinflip with your all in. see a flop hit top pair. you will probably be behind to any call but most the time it will be some nice chips to you. leaving you medium stacked in a nice position

Thanks for the advice....

To those who recommended an all-preflop I definitly did consider that. I was actually about to do that, but the initial limper had been tight so far and had a stack to call. I simply put him on a low or middlepair.
A second problem was the fact that the second limper was lower in chips than me. I don't know why he would put in 200 without having something being so low. Even though I had spotted him as one of the worst players at the table, I felt I couldn't ignore the fact that any hand good enough to call 200 with with a stacksize of 1200 basically have to be a preflop all-in call against me (since I was another lowstack).

Thats why I pretty much discarded the preflop all-in as a possibility. But I suppose maybe I shoudn't have.

Choon T: I played this tournament on Ipoker.

Posted by MasterY:

Choon T: I played this tournament on Ipoker.

ok i can comprehend this now Big Smile

3 limpers and blinds to get passed, I would not even consider the all in move never mind wasting a bb.
For me this is an easy fold unless you belive that you can get them all to fold pre-flop but with 5 players still in action and i guess your SS then your likely to get called, so bad choice there.

I think I would have called preflop hoping to hit something. The pot odds are in your favour. But I wouldn't be making a move with top pair. It's way too risky with limpers and a big blind who coud have any two cards. Most hands I would be folding even if I think I'm ahead. So thinking about it it was actually wrong to call in the first place. There simply aren't enough hands you can hit worth making a move for and as previously said you don't have enough to just bet. So even though I would have called preflop and check-fold the flop I would say the correct play is just fold and avoid getting into trouble.

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