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Hard times for Gus Hansen

It's very hard times for Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen at the moment. Nothing is working out the way he wants, and he keeps on losing big. Gus Hansen, has lost over 4.8 million dollars at Full Tilt poker since April this year. One can't even imagine how it feels after losing so much money. Many people probably have asked themselves this question many times: Why don't poker players that have earned m[...]   Read more » Hard times for Gus Hansen

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Hmmm, ok

Respect that ur goal is not to achieve one of those.
In my case : Its my living already, and yes upcoming EPT london, i go also for example.
I am Not upset, imho.
Fact that he lost 4.8 mill can happen to everyone if U bet for a mill.
Loads of them invest pieces of their mills into other forms than cash like estate etc.
Poker is ofcourse a form of gambling, everybody including me has their swings according to the money he has in poker / gamblerelated issues.
Ofcourse there are loads of people that have lost everything due to poker or gambling.

Referring to my so called pea brain, open any discussion with me then, I don't mind.
They all lose , and they all win. their variance is quite higher then ours, and for hansen even more if he keeps betting like that.

And for referring watching my mouth... it's my honest opinion what I write.

The main problem is :
Ur all focused on media articles or news highlights, whilst Indeed, I have contacts with pros, magazine writers, journalists and so on.
If a magazine should also write what happens inbetween, it doesnt look that horrible.
it's the same when Durrrr Dwan was looking like a here, fs altho he was down to - 4-6 million by then.
Check the Bgrounds more fs,

Hansen generally is crazy if it comes to betting. We all know its not a Jesus Ferguson who is striclty playing an amount of tournaments and never exceeded his limits.

But ofcourse this doesnt matter because my pea brain can't make any sense or can't write any pokerrelated discussion / matter


I don't feel pity for him, I think he still has enough money left, but still it mustn't feel nice to lose so much.

That's sad, but he's a crazy player so I saw it coming.

Did you know Gus learned how to speak English by listening to Pink Floyd albums!!

Gus will be back. He has his own tv canal - big ego and true gambler

Did you know he bettet with a fellow danish pokerplayer Theo Jørgensen that he would beat him in a boxing fight?

Gus got coached by danish boxer Mikkel Kessler....

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Hard times for Gus Hansen

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