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Hello everyone

I recently used' s nodepositbonus for Poker770 (a month ago I think).

Now a couple of days ago I got this mail from


Poker770 is really hot at the moment, one of the most popular rooms at and that's with good reason. We're offering you not only the choice between either a $50 no deposit bonus or a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus (first $50 deposit refunded to your Mob account) - no, we're offering you both bonuses, if you start out with the no deposit bonus, that is.

Here's what you can do:
1) Signup for the $50 no deposit bonus. You get $7.70 in cash money, $22 in bonus money and 5 free entries to tournaments worth $20.9.

2) Once you've started liking the Poker770 software and choice of games - and believe us, you will - you can sign up for our Poker770 gift offer:
It's simple - you make a deposit of e.g. $50 and get a 100% bonus from Poker770. After having played 100 raked hands you can request a 5000 MobPoints ($50) refund from BankrollMob. We will pay you back the $50 you deposited and you still have $50 in your Poker770 account + the Poker770 bonus + whatever you win. If you decide to deposit $100 or more, you will still get the 100% deposit bonus but we will only refund $50.

» Check out our Poker770 review and bonus details

Now am I then allowed to also take advantage of the giftoffer?

I thought it was only possible to take one of them.

I contacted Poker770 to verify if this was true, but whoever answered in there supportdivision didn't know anything about this.

So once and for all I am seeking an answer to this question:

Can I use the poker770 giftoffer, when I used there nodepositbonus approximately a month ago?

Has anyone else done this? (taken advantage of both offers)

If it is allowed is there no difference between raking 100 hands at a 5 dollar max headsup cashtable or 1000 dollar max full ring game?

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I have just recently applied for the no deposit bonus, and I am planning to take benefit of the free gift offer as well later. Doesn't the e-mail clearly say that it is possible?

Here: "- no, we're offering you both bonuses, if you start out with the no deposit bonus, that is."

Wich is exactly what you have done, isn't it?

Ín your case yes.

In my case it could be more complicated. I don't know if this offer was already avaiable when I signed up for there nodepositbonus (approximately a month ago).

If it wasn't, then I doubt very much whether I can take both offers.

Normally you can only take one offer from each site.

Normally you can only get one of the offered bonuses, but Poker770 is special - so even though you got the Poker770 no deposit bonus, you can still get the gift bonus too. So just go ahead Smile

Thanks a lot admin

I actually just send this as a helpemail to your support division, but you can just ignore it now I have an answer Smile

I actually have one question more before will try and get the gift bonus.

I still have 22 dollars pending from my nodepositbonus that I haven't cleared. Does it make a difference? Or can I in principle have two bonusoffers activated at the same time?

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