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Just like to say a thank you to you guys.
Last week , just before it disappeared, i applied for and received a $25 bankroll for Ladbrokes. I guess i must've been one of the last, if not the last, to receive it.
Anyway, yesterday i played a $10 freezeout tourney. Alas, only 34 people entered but i was still lucky enough to grab the $136 1st prize.
Now, i know it's not a huge amount and i've won bigger prizes but it was certainly one of the sweetest. Not because of the way i played, i've played better, but because,
A) Down to the last 6, and only 5 places pay, i'm short stacked, on the bubble and only have 2 blinds left before i'm gone. Within the space of 4 hands i've knocked out 2 players and i'm chip leader. Two hands later i make trips and 2 0f 3 players go all in on me. I call....they leave. Now i'm i have 60k in chips and my opponent has 4k. The rest , as they say, is history.
B) Because it was done without depositing a cent. All down to guys.
C) In the space of 4 days, my bank roll has risen to $150+ .

So thank you again Bankroll Mob......Rush

Edited by Rushinrogan (05 February 2008 @ 04:42 GMT)

Hey Rush, congratulations! Worship Thanks for sharing your story with us Thumbs Up
Be sure to request the other no deposit bonuses too! By the way, at Ladbrokes you can withdraw at anytime (not that i think you need to, just giving you the heads up about it).

I hope you continue to do well. Please, do come back here and post how you do from this point own ok?

good luck Thumbs Up

YEah congratulations on the victory. Always nice to win that kind of money, especially when you are low on money. Good job and good luck.

Nice one , i have to congratulate you too ! Thumbs Up and thanks for you story Smile rly like to this kind of it ... hope in future more people will share with us their "victories" Smile once more Thumbs Up

Wow, that's a sweet victory!! nice play, congratulations Rushinrogan!! I hope i don't run into you when playing in Ladbrokes. Blink

congratulations Rush,
nice story! Big Smile
Good luck!

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