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Adrien ‘zlatan35’ Allain has recorded the biggest ever result by a PKR player in a land based event thanks to his stunning win in the Macau leg of the Asian Poker Tour.

After an intense three days of play, the final hand saw Adrien’s A-3 outdraw Inwook Choi’s A-Q to secure the title and the first prize of $391,556. For good measure, it was also Adrien who knocked superstar JC Tran out in third place.

The APT Macau boasted a number of world class players among its 326 strong field including ten time bracelet winner Johnny Chan, WSOPE champion John Juanda, November niners past and present Chino Rheem and James Akenhead, past WSOP main event winner Mansour Matloubi and all round poker superstar JC Tran.

Everyone at PKR Towers would like to wish Adrien all the best and say a huge “Bravo, bien fiat” to the poker world’s newest star.

OMFG Smile
I played MTTs with him, was allways thinking ''Finally a frog who knows how to play'' Smile
I remember the 5K added were i cashed the final table, he busted out just before the final and he told me ''U playz wery well'' (with a funny french chat accent Tongue)

No he is a star OMFG, his life is going to chanche completely, PKR want him in the PKR PRO TEAM to play tourneys all over the world.
Unbelievable, sitting at final table with J.C. Tran, the big star, even knock him out lollll crazy Cool
Funny thing is he won the buyinn in a satelite, he won $6,500 package on PKR Cool
Here is an interview with him when he wasnt ''famous'':

15 Jul 2009 17:45

One PKR’s most successful Frenchmen, zlatan35 joined PKR in April 2008. After his qualification to PKR Live II, where he reached the Main Event final table to finish sixth for $4,250, the cash gamer turned his attention to MTTs. Several major scores later, zlatan35 left his bank job to play poker full time. With more than $45,000 in earnings since then, the move has paid off...

Name: Adrien Allain
Age: 23
Location: Rennes, France
Joined PKR: April 2008
Tournaments entered: 321
Cashes: 45
Final tables: 26
Wins: 6
Notable results: 1st - Big Shot 23 May 09 ($8,510), 1st - Sunday $30K 26 April 09 ($8,100), 6th - PKR Live II Main Event 16-19 April 09 ($4,250)

Antoine: How did you start to play poker? How did you know about PKR?

Adrien: A year and a half ago, a friend told me he made €150 online in two hours. I have always loved real money games, so I asked him to teach me how to play. Two hours later I decided to deposit €50 on a poker site! I have tried a few poker websites, and I decided to play on PKR. The graphics and atmosphere between players are beyond comparison. I have played on PKR for a year now.

A: You seem pretty disciplined but you must have some weaknesses that dent your bankroll?

Ad: I think I should stop playing too many big tournaments with big buy-ins, I would save a lot of money!

A: What makes you a good player?

Ad: When I sit on a table, I always tell myself: I am the best player at this table; this boosts my confidence and gives me self-assurance in my game.

A: What is your favorite tournament?

Ad: The Big Shot has just a perfect structure; it is a great pleasure to play this tourney from the beginning to the end.

A: What are the players you most respect/fear on PKR?

Ad: I don't fear anyone at the tables, but yes you'd better avoid a few players - like the Team PKR Pros (kingkai84, Pokey85...) and of course Beyne, who has plucked (ed – skinned?!) all the best players of PKR.

A: If you have to give one piece of advice to a beginner player, what would it be?

Ad: Don’t start with real money straight away. The poker rules are so simple, everyone thinks they can make money easily, but it is far from true. You need to take some time and ask a lot of advice from regular players.

A: What is the most important thing in poker?

Ad: Patience. If you moan because you didn't get any hands in 30 minutes, then you’d better give up poker. You have to wait, even if it’s a long time, it will come!

A: Imagine, you can play a HU against the poker star of your choice, who is it? And against a PKR player?

Ad: I would say Negreanu, that's the player I respect the most for his results but also for his attitude at the table, always in a good mood and smiling. In terms of a PKR player, I would say Beyne. I think he is the best heads up player on PKR and this kind of player improves your game, you learn.

A: Do you have enemies on PKR?

Ad: Yes of course, you can't be friends with everyone at the table, especially with my aggressive style. Players are not happy when you take all their chips, but I have to say some players like Bazultra are really fair players.

A: As a cash game player, how would you explain your recent winnings in MTT?

Ad: When I arrived in London [for PKR Live II I didn’t think I would do as well as 6th place. I was only playing cash games. But at PKR Live, I was feeling so good at the table, I decided to give it a go and it worked. After PKR Live II it clicked, I think I understood poker even more, and as you can see it worked as I won the Sunday $30K a week later, and the Big Shot a month later! I am very proud of the Big Shot win, as the players were very good (sick final table).

A: What would you like to tell to players who asssume you're all fronks? (french + donk = fronk, ty Danski...)

Ad: Usually when they think that, it’s because I took all their chips, so I really hope they will keep thinking that!! So I will tell them: keep shipping your money!!

A: What are your next targets on PKR?

Ad: I WANT to win the PKR Masters. It is the biggest tourney on PKR, so that is my main target, every players wants to win it. Also, I am already looking forward to the PKR Live III. I'd like to do as well as Discomonkey. I tip my hat to him, because it’s hard work to win the PKR Live Main Event, so congrats to him.

A: Lastly, what do you do with your poker winnings?

Ad: I can live very well with my recent winnings (new car, new computer, flat screen TV...) however I have recently decided to save my money and buy a flat, hopefully in a year or two.

A: Thanks for talking to us zlatan35, and best of luck!

Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

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a PKR player Shock only j/k well done 2 him Big Smile

Posted by Bizla:
a PKR player Shock only j/k well done 2 him Big Smile

that is real nice pot hi did win Dollar Dollar well done you sucker Worship Thumbs Up

Gimme the left one on the 1st pic.
Liv FTW still Big Smile

BUt congrats for him by winning this and ship the 400K imho!

Fronk! lmfao...

Posted by doomdy:
A: Lastly, what do you do with your poker winnings?

Ad: I can live very well with my recent winnings (new car, new computer, flat screen TV...) however I have recently decided to save my money and buy a flat, hopefully in a year or two.

I am jealous! Tongue

omfg, nice job in so short time, some really great results..

Fokin unbelievable, playin small/middle stakes MTTs and then in 1 off his first big buyinn tourneys he won first price crazy Cool
Damn $400,000 amazing Dollar

Yes indeed crazy, looks like he did not have any pressure on him even if it was his first... alongside the best poker players in the world... well maybe the cards were with him... he talked about patience in his interview so that's is not surprising he won that... patience is really the key in poker. Congratz (with a french accent Big Smile) Thumbs Up

Well, french guys are mostly the biggest donks at any table where I played till yet Aww crap!
So he just gets lucky!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Nice win! Congrats. (From zero to hero)

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