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"martonas" - no longer a winner

"Martonas", or "the unknown Swede" as many people call him, came from nowhere and played against some of the biggest names in the world of poker. After a week of playing he had already won 2.5 million dollars, most of the winnings from just one heads-up session versus Tom "durrr" Dwan. A few days later, Tom Dwan, got his revenge. He won back everything he had lost to "martonas" plus some more be[...]   Read more » "martonas" - no longer a winner

"martonas" - no longer a winner  0   
Looks like he lost the rest of his Full Tilt bankroll playing PLO 6max against Antonius, Juanda, Ziigmund and Urindanger.

well he will be prepared for a loss of 1mio easily.

poor him, i wouldn't play for a long time after a i won 2.5 mio dollars

Well I would quit playing Poker and enjoy myself with the money..... But thats just me......

He droped level by level, losing around 500k a day.
Dont think we have seen the last of him.
If he came out on top hed be the new great player LMFAO, but as he is losing he is now the FT donk.
I personally think he plays quite well and held his own, he was obviously the underdog and all PROs try to gun him down, a bit of luck and he will be back.

well, if he can afford to play in these stakes, i think he has plenty of money left, somehow i don't think he plays with all his money

I have seen him calling with King high in NL holdem like twice and calling with AA in a flush, straight draw board in Omaha, to me, he is not a good player...

I have seen him donk loads of money. I think he got lucky at start but now showing his real skills

One of two scenearies:
1st - martonas is a well known poker player with a good sponsor behind trying to make a new style of publicity in order to bring more new players to the game and speculate about high stakes pros real value;
2nd - martonas is a new player with more than enough money to spend without being worried about it, who as tryed poker for a few years and consider himself good enough to take some money out of sponsored pros pockets.
Now, whatever the case, i believe this novel will continue for a few more months, till someone one day comes to tv saying "yes it was me all the time"!

Fakiry id go for that.
I mean, iv seen "unknows" have a go at HS, but the very day he did it, it was on every poker site going.
More than what meets the eye here.
He could even be a bankrollmob member Big Smile

i would invest the money so i cant touch it for a long while and start off with NL100 again for fun/hobby. but this guys obviously need the adrenalin kick by playin high stakes.
i lost a few bucks and got pissed...$2,5million? jeez, thats a amok run lol

I knew the day would come. Big players in poker come and go every day.

looks like his joyride is over at high stakes in fulltilt.
after he won against durrrr, no way was durrrr gonna leave him like that. lets see if he can bounce back or his stint is over

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