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Three times now i've tried to claim the 5000 Mob Points for poker 770. With over 1000 points I pretty sure i've cleared the 100 hands, and seeing as I log into the pokerroom happily each day with my account number i'm sure that's valid least as far as Poker 770 is concerned. Bankrollmob seem to have a different opinion....

Three times now i've had exactly the same email from support after going through their hoops....

Dear lewis wilson,

We have not been able to complete your gift request for Poker770.

This is due to the fact that the accountname you supplied with your request, "XXXXXXXXXXX" for Poker770, is either wrong or not valid.

We kindly ask that you double check your Poker770 accountname/accountnumber. Feel free to contact the support with Poker770 if you're in doubt. We need your unique accountname/accountnumber before we can check that you have met the requirements and issue the selected gift.

Once you're ready, please login at your Mob Account and click the "Select Gift"-button. On the following page, you need to input (update) your Poker770 accountname/accountnumber, so it is the correct one. Do not reply to this e-mail with your accountname, you need to login at your Mob Account to proceed!

This is getting to be a very bad joke. Angry Angry Angry Aww crap!

You're probably sending your alias, screen name or something? Or if you're copy pasting it and you have a space or a special character in your accountname, that might get converted to something wrong.

I can assure that we do not have a "different opinon" - we are sending the names to poker770 for verification and they tell us back whether or not you have met the requirements.

i'm sending the account number I login with and i've asked support whether they need any different info but all I get is the same email - see above. And no, there's no spaces or special characters in it.

Send all possible account info

I guess the accounts not traceable from BM are not valid for the gift offer?

man that sucks... i hate to be in your position =( any 50 bucks can be millions since chris moneymaker made it ...

things like this going to make people crazy... Aww crap!

Refused again - same email Angry Aww crap! Aww crap! ...can somebody from BRm please tell me - is this because my account isn't tracked?... if not - well I used internet explorer, cleared the cookies before using the link, installed the software then posted my account number in the box so i'd like an explanation. Second time this has happened but this time I deposited my own money in good faith. If BRM can't follow through on their offers they shouldn't be made in the first place and this will be the last time I deposit any money through them - never again. Angry Angry Aww crap!

Posted by ChitStripper:
can somebody from BRm please tell me - is this because my account isn't tracked?

it probably has to be tracked/created through BM link... but don't know for sure (confirmation from the administrator would be nice Smile )

i never received the bonus for poker770 and i dont understand why can someone answer me?

well sent a message to support about my problem over three weeks ago using the form on the support page here and no reply. Big surprise.

Thanks for the ND bonus' but i'll never depositing through this site again.

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