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Redkingsoffer ( 5000 MOBpoints ) 100 Redkingspoints needed.

I did complete that offer last week. BUt now, it says its rejected due I didnt made the restrictions to recieve it.


And what I can see now is that they have taken away the 5000pointsoffer for redkings.

This sux, Not informing us players for this. and also if they have taken away that offer recently, the players that Actully made a deposit on that site when the bonus was avavible, should get the 5000 points.

In my oppinion this STINKS..

I want an explenation, and due im in the Swedish military I dont have INternet that often and when I have time, the livesupport is of.

What do you guys think of this?


If you dident meet the restrictions I dont know what the problem is..
It may was a limited offer. so easy maybe it is,,,

[QUOTE]Posted by nastyfrog:
Redkingsoffer ( 5000 MOBpoints ) 100 Redkingspoints needed.

I did complete that offer last week. BUt now, it says its rejected due I didnt made the restrictions to recieve it.

I think it is ReddKings you should be talking too , if you DID make the restrictions then its their word against yours so you will have to prove it. Also if it was only for a limited time then hope you have read all the T&C's and followed through on them. Good luck to you but I don't see this as BRM's fault.

Bankrollmob can only work with info provided, if redkings say you didnt then i guess you didnt.
you Might have to look int to it to sort your problem out, id bet its something simple.
However you might be able to request again.

This post by budda666 has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
yes this is a limited offer, so if you dont meet the restrictions, than you wont get the 5.000 mob points, thats fair i think! Dont you?

I did complette the offer last week as I told. ( got around 150-160points ) ANd also, if it was a limited offer, why do they even make it open for players? They didnt ahve this bonus up for long at all... Low stakes players like me its ahrd to make points fast. And we all know that Redkingsoffer did come recently! Sad

SO its NOT FAIR, to make this bonus avavible, if it only will be avavible for a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

The removal of the offer does not affect your bonus offer.
You need to contact redkings ad ask what the restrictions.
Obviously you have deposited, so no probs there, i guess its your 1st time at redkings so agin no probs, all details enterd, id guess yyes as they state you have not met requirements.
Only thing I can think it might be is that you didnt do it in 30days(if thats part of the agreement)
But contact redkings, its them who say you have not meet requirments, ask wha requirment you have not met..GL

Hold your horses Big Smile We can only base our rejections/approval based on information we receive from the sites, and if that's wrong information for some reason, well then the outcome will be wrong too, of course.

We will of course check once again and make sure we have not received wrong information, but if you have over 150 points, then I'm confident that next time it will be better.

Also, when we remove an offer like this, it just means we do not want to offer the offer to any more customers - those who already took it, will still be able to complete their gift request. It's only in very rare and extreme cases we can not reward the players with the gift offer after an offer has been removed.

Player points available:149.5Player points total accumulated:149.5

Here it is. I hope this could be solved Administratior, because I love BRM.

ANd today, home from military. I got a new mail from BRM.


Whats going on? I requested again the 25:th august when I had 149.5 Player points. ANd its once again rejected.

To claim bonus= 100 points, I have 149.5 but not qualified? hm Sad

yep looks like they just dont wanna give you the money on this one.what a suck when this type of thing happens,they didnt say at all in the email why you had been rejected.gunna be a tough one.keep trying. Angry

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