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Anyone else except me had problem getting bonus from Mansion Poker? I filled in everything that BRM told me to do and today I got this mail.

Dear Sebastian Koss,

Your request for $150 at Mansion Poker has been rejected by our payment team.

Reason for rejection:
not tracked to brm

I used the bonus code "mobster" and filled in correct username.

This is the mail from Mansion Poker.

Account Details

Username: YOU_GOT_KTFO

And this is proof of me using correct username

8/28/2009 Mansion Poker $150 YOU_GOT_KTFO Rejected Question

I have no idea why I was rejected.. help me out anyone.


NOTE: I used same e-mails on both BRM and Mansion Poker.

Edited by Koss (31 August 2009 @ 11:52 GMT)

Did you delete all your cookies?

If not that is probably why you are not tracked to BRM.

Try and contact BRM, but to be honest I don't think you can do that much about it.

What has cookies to do about a bonus request when you fill in a bonus code as proof? Smile It's only through bwin, I think that deleting cookies was important.

I am quite sure that no matter what bonus you wish to acquire it is always best to delete your cookies.

You still have to download Mansion client through BRM - despite a bonuscode

Therefore deleting cookies is also necessary here.

Edited by MasterY (31 August 2009 @ 12:34 GMT)

That's the reason then. I always go to the poker sites homepage and download it from there, because I get a virus warning when downloading anything with iPoker with NOD32. But I didn't have this problem with any other site so why now?

But still it shouldn't be necessary to download through BRM because the client isn't modified and there's no warning deleting cookies before signing up etc.


Signup instructions for: Mansion Poker
CLICK HERE to download Mansion Poker software directly (recommended) or click here to visit Mansion Poker's website and download from there.

So it shouldn't be any problems Smile

Edited by Koss (31 August 2009 @ 12:06 GMT)

Well - Try and contact BRM support for an axact answer. When I signed up for Mansion I deleted my cookies, but like you I have also signed up at other sites without a cookie clearing.

So maybe you are right and the problem is of a completely different character.

If another account have ever been registered on your computer on Mansion that might be the problem. Or even if someone (a friend) have logged in on Mansion from your computer.

But like I said: try and contact BRM support. They usually respond within three days.

It would be easier if I could link someone to this thread, will be hard for me to explain it once again.

Posted by Koss:
It would be easier if I could link someone to this thread, will be hard for me to explain it once again.

Then do just thet, copy and paste and send it in with your email to whoever you speak to.

haha, I sent an e-mail to Mansion Poker and now I got a response in German and I'm from Sweden.

The response I got was that I should close and re-open a new account on Mansion Poker.. but what will change? I will do it the same way I did before...

Support froze my account and told me to request again, I hope it's ok with BRM too Big Smile

Edited by Koss (31 August 2009 @ 14:04 GMT)

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