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i will first say that bankrollmob is a great site.
But i have one qustion i have reffered 15 people 12 approved but on 2 weeks i only get 4 oo poäng for then they got bonus. i know 2 persons and the got a total of 3 bonus so the other 10 people only got 1 bonus at on 2 weeks .
little strange
thanks for a great site

Globen, have you tried to contact BRM support? If not, write them an e-mail about your mob point situation, or try the live chat option when you see it "online". Thanks for posting and good luck with your points! Thumbs Up

yep thefodz said you all , its uselss to write smth on forum when u have biiig button to live support on the right Smile and btw nice work with reffering bankrollmob to your friends ! keep going Thumbs Up

We can't track if they've received the cdpoker bonus, as that's handled by cdpoker and pokerroomschool. we can only track - and pay out points - for when a request is made for a bonus that we need to do some work with, before the bonus is issued (and points paid to the affiliate).

we haven't seen any problems with the affiliate system yet, so i think you just need to be patience and wait a bit, maybe your referrals simply don't want/can't get some of the bonuses that we can pay points for, or they haven't received any yet.

yes thanks for the answers i have contacted the support . i was just wondering if someone else haves this issue or if its only me
i dont like to contact support with small problems
Aww crap! Worship

Try give me the tracker ID you use to refer the players...

i have 3 464 , 465 , 508

1 signup, 1 approved.
Requested 4 bonuses, 2 approved, 1 payment, 1 processing.

7 users, 6 signups, 6 approved, 1 never completed signup.
Requested 2 bonuses, 2 approved
(half of the signups come from countries that's rarely allowed for no deposit bonuses)

11 users, 9 signups, 5 approved, 2 didn't verify themselves yet (phone/ID), 2 is in processing (waiting for approval), 2 never completed the signup.
Requested 1 bonuses, 1 waiting for payment. Half of the signups seem to come from countries that's usually not allowed for no deposit bonuses, don't know why the others didn't request any bonuses yet.

So as you can see, doesn't seem to be anything wrong. Just a matter of either bad luck or lack of patience Smile

And before anybody else asks - NO, I won't check up on every affiliates trackerstats - this was a onetime thing, it takes like forever Big Smile

ok im very glad for the help and the time you took for me.
now i can concentrate to get new players to bankrollmob.
i wisch all the players good luck

Aww crap!

Nice i wish you good luck too and keep going on reffering this site ! Smile btw i wish i have your stats Big Smile .. i have like 11 click 2 singups and zero YES (0)zero made it to aprooved Smile lol .. i fail in this case so hard Big Smile Aww crap!

For me :

638 110 71

Thanks BRM for Dollar

hahah tomalenain admin said that that was a 1 time thing it took much of his time and proved nothing was wrong wtih their system,

he might still check but still i doubt it....

Posted by xxxitaliaxxx13:
he might still check but still i doubt it....

I doubt it too Big Smile

But hopefully, when we have time, we will try to add a few more details at the affiliate report, so you can keep an eye on stuff yourself, not that anybody will be able to "change things", but it will let everybody follow their signups a bit better.

Admin, I heard you are doing Tracker ID checkups.. so please be kind to... just kidding, it´s a good idea to allow people to do that on their own. Hopefully soon enough. Thumbs Up

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