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Yes i use HM (holdem Manager). hmm ok right. first of all yes people use software online, a lot of players who are constant winners, reading their opponents ect, are NOT actually playing their cards they are playing the player, the best way for good reads is 6 max and HU play, you will find that many will use pot control to win.

so lets say I am sat with 6 Buy ins and you come to my table with 1/2 a buy in, no matter what you do i am not really that bothered what cards you have becuase i will raise you and make you believe i have hit the flop or have a strng hand, the key is working out the player, i often dont play poker at all for one night and sit and watch a player that i intend to hunt and play,

There is a certain amount of game theory involved wich i will cover in my bolg so that you can see it in action.

find me on twitter and PM me and i will add you to skype/MSN and talk you thru a nights session and why i play certain hands ect, also give you some advice on wich programs to get hold off.

Just to let everyone know i have a lot of poker books in e form so i can ship them thru emails if anyone would like to read them

from harrigton doyle, hanson u nam it i got it lol.

gotta drop the kids of to nursery be back later


Thanks, I'll look for you on twitter. I would rather get the correct software if I am going to invest the money.

gazthyorkie is my username on twitter

gaztheyorkie on skype

gary bainbridge on facebook

Hey mate,sent you a friend request on FB...
Can you send me those e-poker books pweeeeeaaaaassseeee??

lol have been looking for poker books here in my country and its a VERY rare find, would help me alot if i can get them from you Thumbs Up


Indeed I can NP will chat on FB gazza

Which Gary are you on facebook? there is a few of them. Also, couldn't find u on twitter under the spelling listed above

gary bainbridge leeds network... type gaztheyorkie into FB

if ur really struggling type gary bainbridge - you shoudl see a blonde haired guy in a england top with a pkr pint glass thats me on FB

Edited by gaztheyorkie (15 September 2009 @ 11:32 GMT)

Did a friend invite on FB

Gaz i cannot find u on twitter - my name is Mattel1 on there ok m8 and then i can give u email add. cos i want details for feb - maybe pay a deposit 4 hotel? - and i wouldnt mind an ebook - Harringtons.... ur a good un ...... Thumbs Up

Ok, Gaz, this post is just out off curiousity ok? No offend ok?

If i remember right ur a losing player on PKR and ur even had to stop playin poker cos u lost too many money on poker. (Ur goodbye post at
So ur the same Gaz from PKR or not?
And if ur the same Gaz, why u think u can turn $200 into $200K now?
Maybe u had very good coaching lessons i dunno?

Btw its no offend just curiousity Smile

Posted by doomdy:
Ok, Gaz, this post is just out off curiousity ok? No offend ok?

If i remember right ur a losing player on PKR and ur even had to stop playin poker cos u lost too many money on poker. (Ur goodbye post at
So ur the same Gaz from PKR or not?
And if ur the same Gaz, why u think u can turn $200 into $200K now?
Maybe u had very good coaching lessons i dunno?

Btw its no offend just curiousity Smile

Yes Doomdy, ON PKR i was a losing player, the software attracts a diffrent player to what the 2D site would normally attract. it attracts gmaers rather than poker players, yes there is poker players there but look t some of the top players there who have major bad runs for months on end!

I Think i was down on a average loss of $1 a game having played 2,600 games $3,000 loss wich overall on pkr isnt really a loss i could bare. but when you look at it it isnt as bad as it seems,

what you have to remember that the likes of pokerstars and full tilt (wich i plan to use) supports virtually any software available hence why i am happy to continue with these sites.

I do not believe i am a bad player i can run deep in cash games mtt's and SnG games put i seem to do this on the likes of FT and PS

so on this basis i beleive whole hearted that the sytem i intend to use will work,

yes my coaching session opened my eyes and obv the software helps Blink

btw no offence taken. Big Smile

hope this answers your question gazza

Any updates? Confused
Not started yet? Busto? Confused

Sorry I did plan on blogging my weekends events yesterday but have been stupidly busy at home.

Ok so I DID start on saturday, Now here was My starting BR,

$80 PS
$25 AP
$25 ACED poker
$25 sportsbook poker
$100 FTP

now it may look unusual that i have umpteen sites but last weekend we had a 24hr marathon contest on 'another forum' this was 24 games (MTT'S in 24 hours)

I played 22 of these along with some cash games heres my BR at present

$130 PS
$6 AP
$0 ACED poker
$0 sportsbook poker
$84 FTP

I had a few good games at first i found it extremley difficult to get into a game as i was trying to help out with PW's for the events, this took my concentration away from the game immensly.

Intresetingly enough Aced/ AP and Sportsbook all had 5/10 10/20 blinds this was great for a deeper game, it meant you could size up your opponents without actually having to play. many were uber aggresive with these blinds (god knows why) wich i found fasinating,

Anyway as i was bored and not really getting into the game i loaded up a pokerstars cash game 2c/4c sat with $4

I really LOL'd at some of the play, these guys where hardcore, there was a guy at the table (german i think) who played superb I actually lost a buy in to him as i misread a situation, he had limped with AA I had raised from the button with 77, flop came 7A3, Now at this point we was into mind games i felt i had the best hand and decided to trap him i felt he was playing AX indeed he was only with an A kicker Big Smile

Now when i say i misread the situation he was the only guy at the table who had taken the game seriuos, he played perfect, and i should have known i was in deep water, but like a fool on a river of nothing i shoved the remaining $2,15 into the pot, he insta calls , nh gg

I was annoyed with myself and left grumbling, not becuase of the way he play wich was perfect in everyway altho i would be suprised he he had but me on a set of 7's

So i left and played my games vowing never to play cash again for the remainder of the weekend.

With the 24hr poker over i slept and slept and oh s**t i wasted $5 on a OFC game i had pre reg'd for but didnt wake up /oops Sad

I decided i had played enough poker for the weekend and gave sunday a miss, i had a loverly sunday dinner followed promptly by watching only fools and horses.


I decided i wanted to play a 'fun' game

$12+1 90 man turbo KO

bountys i took 10
positon i finished 5th why? becuase the CL played like a donk and it got to me.

the thing is he actually did what he intended to do, except it should have happened.

he had postion on my on the FT now at this point all 9 of us where getting paid, top payout would have been $288 wich i really wanted, i was 2cnd in chips, now the CL decided that he would put it upon himself to go all in everytime i was in a blind or even tried to open a pot,

so knowing this i watched in frustration as he pushed and pushed people was shoving into him and losing,

then im on the BB dealt KK go on you bastard i thought, and he did, AT suited,
insta call did he hit an ace? NOPE but he did hit a running flush for a nut flush so sick


so thats it so far i had some fun some frustration some laughs and chuckles but overall i think its a fair start, not the best i wished for but hey ho,

Ok so last night i loaded up bigbetpoker with $51 (dont ask why i added the $1 lol)

I didnt fancy a cash game just yet niether did i fancy a SnG so i played a MTT $2.20 entry 31 runners, fairly bored after 5 hands, couple of donks constantly shoving all in i got pissed of shoved my stach with QA suited and lost to 9T wasnt overly bothered.

Reg'd or the $5 bounty. I Loooove bounty games. why? becuase people chase and chase and chase. if you can use your stack effectivly then your good for the money.

after making my buy in back i was then freerolling, one hand i got lucky on i was sat with 20k 13k above everyone else. i could have sat out at the point untill the FT but with such loose aggro players i couldnt after being told i was a fish for slow rolling a set, i laughed a lot. how could i leave now? Big Smile
Anyway i was on small blind with K9o i limp, BB shoves i figure if anything in 50/50 its a race he has like $400 hes shoving into me $300 in pot meh!

he flips QQ i dont mind becuase im not doing much here no damage on me and yep i am going to double him up but its ok he will shove again.

i blink a K on the turn goodnight vieanna.

when we get to the last 3 on the FT the game changed i sat back more and watched the two guys bluff and bluff and bluff, then someone tried to steal my blinds so i look at my 72o and think ok bring it! i have seen them bluff so much i am not playing the cards i min re raise, get the call flop all overcards i insta shove they fold didnt even think about it just folded ,

i thought about showing my stone cold bluff but i couldnt be botheres at this stage.

so i go card dead totally, maybe i could have stopped being nit and enter by betting but i didnt want to they bluffed so much it they were bound to catch a hand.

i got dealt 88/99/55/22/33/TT, during my time on the FT i had to lay them down to all ins and re raises ok i could have jammed spots here and there at but why bother i could sit this out, then i got A9 in the BB the SB put me all in with a flash , i felt i was good so shoved back

He flipped over 67, blinked 67 on the flop game over gaz

went on the cash tables a little left a bit up had to get up for work this morning

overall it wasn't a bad night the software is fairly simple to use a few features i would like to see there but im sure given time it will pan out, oh and low traffic wich is pretty good atm becuase for anyone trying to build a roll low traffic in mtt play changes your odds of cashing

tis all for now Cool Big Smile

What game you gonna play ? cash , sng or mtt ? Smile

How many buyins for each level ?

Good luck from here . Thumbs Up

I see no structure here, no rules regarding Bankrollmanagement and since your Bankroll is very swingy, I doubt you have any at all.

My favorite sentence is "I decided i wanted to play a 'fun' game -> $12+1 90 man turbo KO " lol

Sorry, I might be a bit too honested, but thats not a Challange I would like to follow. Its supposed to fail.

ok, your correct i havent placed down BR mangment, or structure, i will ensure i do.

secondly $12+1 game for fun, indeed Agree

fail it will not as i shall show you in my BR and structure in the coming weeks, im new to all this blogging stuff so bare with me

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