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I know some of you are playing the bankroll builder promo at Big Bet Poker. I also know some of you are worried about spending a lot of time to find out you can't cash out. Well, I looked into this forum in past threads but never found anyone who hasn't deposited who was able to cash out. So today I took my shot and asked for a cash out. I'll keep you updated if and when I get my money on Neteller.

I contacted live support, she re-directed me to another person responsible for the pokerroom. She told me to send my copy's of an utility-bill and a photo ID. So I did, I also mailed my Neteller account number, because they couldn't know that 'cos I never deposited. I asked for a withdraw of 300$ (which is the max by the way, didn't know that). Hopefully I will find monieeezzz in my account one of these days. I'll keep you informed.

Not a bad site by the way. Didn't played a lot of hold'em, but the Omaha hi/lo tables ... omg, I saw the biggerst mistakes ever. Easy money if you know the game. I played untill level 6 of the bankroll builder promo.

Well, that's all for now. See ya!


OK, thank you. I will keep an eye on this thread. I have only been playing a few DoN:s there, and am up to like 50 bucks. Planning on doing the whole shebang eventually, just got to clear a few other bonuses first... Cool

I'll follow this thread, please keep things updated. Thank you for the info. I have 800 bucks on there but havetn withdrew yet. Don't suppose you can put something like "15/09 - Requested withdraw" and "xx/xx - money recieved" ? if its not too much to ask Big Smile

I'm not 100% sure but I think you must earn at least 700 VIP points,so that you can withdraw the money you have from the bankroll builder promo even if you have not made a deposit...

Thanks, I'm really interested in this and I haven't received an answer yet.
Hope you can cash out without problems.

Hi Guys, As long as you fulfill the T&C's of the promo there'll be no problems cashing out.

We will require ID from you when you come to cash out ( I know you've all provided it to BRM in order to sign up for the deal but we need it for our records and to comply with our license and anti-money laundering rules). You only need to provide ID once and after that you're good (unless you deposit using a Credit/Debit card and then use another card).

We're certainly not a fly by night room and I assure you that you will never have any issues like other players have had on the Microgaming network (for those who don't know what 'm talking about, read up on Eurolinx and Tusk - google those names).

As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or need help then please contact our live support or leave me a message on here. I'm the Head of Poker for BigBet so I'll do my best to sort any issues you may have!


Ok then, so far so good. Security approved my docs. They only needed my e-mailaddress which I just provided. Seems indeed like a trustworthy site. I let you know when the money arrives.

specially for Doomsday_Vic: 300$ requested on 15/09/2009, money arrived ...

@Calmplay: I have about 3000 Vip-points, which is more then enough.

That sounds good! Thumbs Up

Started yesterday at Big Bet and so far: Nice poker room! Smile I really like the layout of the tables.

Big Smile Glad you like it!!

Nice. Glad to read this. This will be for sure the my Next no deposit offer.
Thanks everyone.

Whats the max tables U can take again on MERGE?

Liv ftw Heart

12. I think you can have 12 Cash games, 12 sit n go, 12 MTT's running at once but to be honest, any more than 4 or 5 tables going at once gives me a brain hemorrhage so I haven't tried it!

I have friends who play anything up to 30 tables but I'd have a meltdown if I tried! If you can play more than 12 then Worship

I standard play 8 - 12 depends of the type of table and type of game.

Compare urself to Carbonpoker
Why Bigbet and why not carbon?

Liv ftw Heart omfg marry me for christ sake Heart

well i will bookmark this thread becuz im currently thinking the same thing =p

"I'm not 100% sure but I think you must earn at least 700 VIP points,so that you can withdraw the money you have from the bankroll builder promo even if you have not made a deposit..."

yes you know it right!

To bigbetpoker :

I had a talk with Carbon again coz atm I am just playing Crew events and private championships there but I wanna hear from U guys.
A. Rakeback?
B. Max bonus?
C.any kind of VIP level on start
D. I am a 200-400NL player myself and 100-200PLO.

What u guys have to offer besides standard rates?

Liv ftw Heart Heart ffs will U marry me now? Heart

yeap he got a point... offer more XD

One day after the cash-out request. Still no money on my neteller-account. I'll keep my fingers crossed and i'll keep you updated.

Thanks again for the updates Big Smile

Wow, major update: don't know if my previous post had anything to do with it but.....

one hour later I received my 300$ on Neteller.

Great site. I will be playing there soon again.

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