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OK, a few weeks back I got in for the ND bonus at 10bet through here, there was places left [otherwise I wouldn't have went for it, I'd waited a couple of weeks to try it when it was in the green] - I waited over a week before e-mailing 10bet. They responded quick [unlike actually setting up the no deposit bonuses] to tell me I'd missed out on the bonus on the day I applied. B******t. I know for fact i made it in, I don't know what list they go by but there was spaces left when i got in. A scam me thinks.

So, I mail BRM on the matter, they're nice and friendly and tell me they'll re-forward my request and it should be in my 10bet account very soon [the NDB]

Not so, another 2 weeks pass and I mail BRM to say 10bet have not sent me anything, I get what seems like a snotty response from BRM telling me off for contacting them about it!? WTF!? they made out like it was ok, and I should let them know if 10bet don't sort it.

I mail 10bet again and they AGAIN say I missed out, i explain to them that BRM re-forwarded my request and BRM say i did make it in, i aslo add i'll highlight what they're doing here.

I think they're using BRM as an easy, cheap advertising vehicle to try con players into depositing, after they fail on their part to give out the supposed free no deposit bonuses.

Anyone else get stung with this? i know there's been many 10bet threads but I'm sick of sites like that winding people up, in the end we are the potential customer, not good to piss us off. I had a spare €100 in my moneybookers looking for a home this morning. It went to Party Poker, why? because they gave me a $50 freebie 2 years ago, and I've deposited a good number of times there since. I like sites who look after players, and they get my money in return.

10bet is a joke, and BRM, sorry, but telling people off for contacting you about it is a joke too. It was here I heard about 10bet, it was here I requested the offer you put on your site. You act all nice first mail telling me you'll sort it, then don't act when 10bet fail ... again /... and piss off one of your members.

No "BRM are great, I loves them" responses thanks, people aren't happy about this, it shouldn't be offered if it's a joke.

Exactly the same as me. I waited for over a week, and contacted BRM who forwarded it again. Another period of time goes by, and I contacted 10bet directly, and they told me that I had missed out as the places were filled for that day. Smashing.

Also, the 10bet software actually seems quite poor too.

Please read this news:

Not worth getting that pissed off about imo

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Posted by JoeJeavons:
Not worth getting that pissed off about imo

And you felt you had to state that? hardly worth the post was it?

I was right anyway, knew they wouldn't last.

I know you must fell terrible. I'd fell that way if someone would have made that.
But after read what the admin post, I guees all what you can do guys is forgive this, request another ND offer and of course never play at 10bet, waiting for the day they broke.

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