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I've been playing PLO cashgames seriously for about 3 weeks. I was tired and bored with NLH so I wanted something new. And guess what, I love it.

I know the swings at PLO are higher then with NLH, but this high I would'v never expected. I lost around 15 buy ins during the past 2 days. Then yesterday evening I won 10 of them back in 1 session. Today I managed to get the other 5 back. Now about 2 hours ago I started a new session, playing 4 tables. I lost 6 buy ins.

It's just so crazy, it's not bad beats, (ok sometimes) but since it's Pot limit may people just don't mind chasing the flush or the straight, and yes off course they hit them sometimes, but it seems they always hit when I hit set or full house and they have a bigger full and stuff Tongue .

I just wondered if the PLO players on this forum experience the same swings, if yes how do you deal with them, if no, do you have any tips playing 10 en 20PLO.

second question (this is getting long I'm sorry) is the BRM of PLO much different then for NLH, I play very tigh BRM (40 to 50 buy ins).

You should double the number of buy ins that you think you need for holdem. So 40-50 is a decent size. Balance between made hands and draws are different in omaha. You are flipping a lot of times, even with top set.

Just play your own game: Play what you are comftelbe with: and then you will be Ok.

Rember a lot of peple on here and outher forums are talking out off there arce: and are just wanker's who have not got a clue...... Good luck.

I just play 1 level below NLH to counter the swings, but thats a lot of BI for one day.
Lots off ppl sit SS in omaha thats the table to play, keep topping up, and as always position.
Dont start playin loose, sure you can get lucky that way but you should be playing the same rate as in NLH.
Im probably quite tight in omaha but iv a good win rate, I basically only play double suited. and when you hit (nuts(ish)) milk it to fk, and dont foget to fold, its easyer to save money than win LOL.
So in short lose lots of small pot win big monster LOL.
I love omaha but id have a hard time explaing how best to play. Big Smile

Yes it is
I been playing PLO lately Only, coz NLHE starts to suck bigtime.
I play PLO for a while now and its very swingy.
It made me think more when playing NLHE, by that I mean laying down a hand more easily.

Top set is easily beaten in PLO, dont over play AAKK double suited et etc.
In PLO u are more forced to lay down on the river and there are alot of runner runner flushes wich sometimes goives U a complete turnaround.

When U flop the nuts, either U decide to push and bet the pot or play lowball and keep it small till the river.

U are forcedin PLO alot to lay down, but multiwaypots in PLO are bad unless u have a complete lock on the hand.

PLO = Raise more, but fold more as well on every street

Liv ftw Heart Heart

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