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what's you favorite poker book?  0   
i'm curious wich poker books you prefer. my favorite is supersystem by doyle brunson and i love sklansky's books ass well.

I personally prefer my bankroll winnings book! Big Smile I´m joking.

For some of you who would really like to start a poker reading habit, here are some titles of the player´s mentioned by mastermozes. By the way, between them... 13 WSOP bracelets, so it may just be worth taking a look.

Gambling for a Living / by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
(ISBN 1-880685-16-7)

Getting the Best of It / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-04-3)

Hold'em Poker / by David Sklansky (ISBN 1-880685-08-6)

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition / by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
(ISBN 1-880685-22-1)

Poker, Gaming, & Life / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-17-5)

Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players / by David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth, and Ray Zee
(ISBN 1-880685-23-X)

Sklansky on Poker / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-06-X)

Sklansky on Razz / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 0-87019-050-4)

Sklansky Talks Blackjack / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-21-3)

Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big with Expert Play / by Ed Miller, David Sklansky, and Mason Malmuth
(ISBN 1-880685-32-9)

Theory of Poker / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-00-0)

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players / by David Sklansky
(ISBN 1-880685-28-0)

No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice / by David Sklansky and Ed Miller
(ISBN 1-880685-37-X)

Super System / by Doyle Brunson & friends.
(ISBN 0-931444-01-4)

** I know some of them are not poker books, but nevertheless, they are about other cardgames and casino games which wouldn´t hurt to know about!

Well my very favorite book is ofc Super system I and super system II from doyle brunson and some of hi friends !! but i like "ace on the river" which was somthing different from other books so i lokes it pretty much Tongue

different in what way? is it worth buying? haven't read it yet, it's barry greensein's book right?

i've read few chapters of supersystem and seems to be good book. Everybody says its the poker's bible. I'm reading right now Little Green Book - Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Hold'em by Phil Gordon.

I like Supersystem and of course alot of Sklansky's books as well. I was actually told recently that the Litle Green Book was great how has it been for you djbuddy??

i felt that super system was a bit dated. it had tonnes of useful information, but they were mostly for games i have never seen and cannot find anywhere online.

games like stud hi low, but not the 8 or better version. and the jacks or better version of draw poker.

i also dont think brunsons super aggressive style works as well in todays games. i still think you need to be aggressive but not in the way he makes out. i think he would even agree, the only play i have seen of him in the last 5 to 10 years is very tight. he doesnt follow his own advice of entering every pot after you have won the previous and things like that.

apart from that i havent read much cover to cover, just browsed and read some online stuff

Theory of Poker / by David Sklansky

Im reading rite now and i think its very good. But i pretend to read Poker Brain and the harrington ones, all 3 volumes. and i am pretty suree these r the best books to start reading from what i read in internet reviews.

I have read only one book by Doyle Brunson and it will suffice to me. Now I don't see necessity to read other books. Worship Blink

I prefer reading strategy on the net - but I'll probably buy the SuperSystem soon Smile

well obvously supersystem is great we pretty much all agree. heard about that harrington book too a friend of mine swears by it, has won thousands of dollars playing pretty much the style discribed in it and btw the reason doyle doesn't play like he says is everyone knows now and besides that his book is purely cash game stragegy. most of the times you see him play on tv it';s in tournaments.

i don't read poker books only magazines in holland my favorite is poker magazine very original

Talking about how Doyle is easier to find and watch playing in tournaments, here´s a bit of him playing in a cash game. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Did you think he played correctly? Something doesn´t seem right about how he handled that! (my theory is he didn´t want to scare the guy, so he would always come back and lose to them). What do you think?

i think doyle may have put him on a flush draw, gold is an agressive raiser everyone knows that and i guess he found the pot big enough to win it right there without having to rethink the whole thing on the river. gold could have had a Spade k Spade or tow diamonds like 6 Diamond 7 Diamond or something so any spade or diamond as well as a card pairing the board (possible set turning full house) would have been dangerous so he is not playing bet by getting the money in when he knows hes winning rather than gambling on the end. I think most of you would agree. if you don't, please let me know

Yep, your explanation seems perfectly fine. I just don´t think that "rethinking the whole thing" would be a problem for Doyle, he´s been doing it his whole life! Well, I would have played that hand differently, but easier said than done I agree, not my money and I sure am not Doyle. I just think that there is still something very different about the way he played it. I can understand being careful about possible flushes, and even a boat draw, but couldn´t picture Jamie re-raising 20K on a draw.

you should watch the 2006 world series he won he even calls people's all ins on them. and this is his first appearance on high stakes he does not complety realise that the table he';s playing there is harder than any he had on his road to the bracelet.

That´s my point, Doyle had him and didn´t want to take the rest of his money! For me that is obvious to see, but I know not everyone sees the same thing.

its been great to read phil's book. he simply tell how he play no limit hold'em tournaments. Its not a guide, if you know what i mean. he shows us what he does in every situation and how it work for him. the important thing, as the book says, is that his strategies may work for him but not for the reader. i'm really impressed by his modesty and ability to write and play.

doyle brunson's supersystem of course what kind of question is this xD

i don't have a favorite book, i think that in each book you can find a very interesting things. So if you really want to play poker you should know all things which have written in books...

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