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I tried Flangels advice on playing Fixed Limit yesterday  0   
I tried Flangels advice on playing Fixed Limit yesterday. From what I can tell on the micros level, every player just about sees the flop, even if you pf raise with a strong hand you will get called with just about any hand. So the true test is to know your outs/odds. Saw hands like 94o, 95o and other hands of the sort chasing to the river and winning by catching 2 pair or getting lucky and hitting for 3 of a kind. Players at that level can have a mid pair and not fold to any bet all the way down to the river. Had my KK's beat by 52o to a three of a kind from the early pos. So just to give you an idea what to expect. I had AQs and flopped a flush and 2 players had paired the board but just ignored the flush and kept playing like they had the nuts. As for the rakeback/fpp's, I would say it is about the same as playing nl but this is on the micros. I didn't have the ups and down swings like playing nl at the micros, but still did have some bad beats but that's to be expected. Overall, I ended up about $3 (US) after about 1 1/2 hours. I checked my rakeback/fpp's and that was about the same as a nl session, just didn't have the swings. As a matter of fact I was at a steady increase over all. I didn't have to fold drawing hands as much because the pot odds were favorable enough to play. Sometimes if I was in the SB I would call if my hand was mediocre because you have to be dealt into the hand in order to get the rakeback, plus sometimes I would get a decent drawing hand and win the pot.
I don't know if I forgot to mention this, but these players don't fold Ax, Kx or any other face card. So if anybody else has tried this some feed back would be cool. Thx and good luck Thumbs Up

So whats the overall summary then?
Either good or bad?
I will comment later a bit more

The main key is understand odds and not having big swings like in NLHE. It's a game everyne has to play or at least try.
Most people that don't have the XP in NL will go busto at start anyway with a small bankroll. Rarely someone survives his first deposit if U are a novice
As for Rake and FPP, Longterm it shud deliver U more Rake and FPP. Especially Pot Limit Games.

But also lets say U have a decent hand, and u get outdrawn or beaten in a proper way, ur loss is minimum, since U can't instashove your whole stack into tjhe middle.
This shud prevent U to lose alot more then NL instead.

Liv ftw Heart

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For me, honestly I thought it was good. Obviously I could see why maniacs don't play at these games. It's a calling stations wet dream tho, so when I play I keep that in mind and just apply pot control, etc. knowing they aren't going to fold. So I am able to take advantage of my good hands, control the pot with hands that are good but if someone called to the river my losses were kept to a minimum. I know above I said I would call from the SB for rakeback reasons, but I only did that if it was a decent playing hand. I still folded Ax, Kx, etc., but I think you know what I mean. I just didn't call with anything but loosened up according to the table standards. I was still folding hands that were better than most of the starting hands people were playing. So with that said, I did have a steady increase and the rakeback/fpps were about the same. But this is micros and I think overall it's better for me to give it a few more sessions to give you more feed back. I was playing sss on the nl micros for a reason, just started with a small bankroll and wanted to check out the rakeback for the site. After playing at micros nl for a while, I noticed playing sss with some variation was a strategy that worked with minimal loss. After all, most of the nl games on micros are pretty much coin flops from what I noticed. People shoving in with Ax/Kx and letting the rest play out. But if I can keep it on the up and up, I won't have to make a deposit in the future unless I want to take advantage of a reload bonus.

I'm probably a total idiot when I can't find them myself, but where are these advice on playing fixed limit? I've been trying it out for a while, been doing allright, but feel that there are a lot of things in my playing that could be a whole lot better.

Would be very interested in reading.

Dident like limit at all..
Had tried it but when you get 1 good hand you cant win all just a little bit off the players money Aww crap!
But when i drink beer that i do alot i should play this Becuse i often lose alot. Aww crap!
But the human will never ever learn by they mistake Aww crap! Aww crap!

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