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This newsletter was sent out on 12 April 2010.

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In This Issue:

  1. Full Tilt No Deposit Bonus Is Back
  2. WSOP (free ticket!) & Party Poker Bonuses
  3. PokerStars Soccer Safari
  4. Winner Poker Gift Offer & Winner Casino
  5. Celeb Poker: $199 No Deposit Bonus
  6. Latest Poker News


Full Tilt Poker is back on BankrollMob with a free no deposit bonus. BankrollMob is one of the few (if not the only) offering a no deposit bonus for Full Tilt Poker at the moment.

Sign up and get our free $25 bonus without having to make a deposit - it's on your account, for you to play with. You also get access to our weekly exclusive BankrollMob $200 freerolls.

Bonuses are limited every day, so if we are "sold out" when you go to request the bonus, we recommend that you sign up by following the instructions on our website. Then come back the next day to actually request the bonus, so you'll get faster through the system.

» Click here for more information & request Full Tilt Poker bonus now!

It's not too late for you to participate in our Party Poker WSOP promotion and win a free seat to the World Series of Poker 2010 in Las Vegas. Actually, there's plenty of time. We have daily freerolls until May 31st, but the longer you wait, the smaller your chances of getting a seat in one of the freerolls and win access to our Final WSOP Tournament on June 6th.

Particpating couldn't be easier. All you have to do, is log in to your Mob Account on BankrollMob.com and scratch in our "Mob Scratch" game. If you find 3 jokers anywhere on the card, you will have won access to one of the qualifier freerolls. You can scratch every day, for free. Top 3 in the daily freerolls go on to play in the Final WSOP Tournament.

Since it requires a Party Poker account to play in the freerolls, we recommend you take a look at our Party Poker 5,000 MobPoints gift offer. It used to require a $50 deposit, but if you make a deposit in April it's just $25 plus you get access to an exclusive $500 freeroll in May. After earning a small amount of PartyPoints we will also give you 5,000 Mob Points (equal to $50). Pretty good deal, right?

There's of course also a $100 No Deposit Bonus available and if you already have a Party Poker account, no problem, you can still participate in the WSOP promotion.

Click here for more information on:
» WSOP promotion by Party Poker & BankrollMob
» Party Poker 5000 MobPoints Gift Offer & $100 No Deposit Bonus

*) Due Party Poker restrictions, U.S. players cannot participate in this promotion.

The world's biggest football competition will take place in South Africa this June - and with the Soccer Safari promotion by PokerStars, you could watch your favorite team from their very first match, all the way through to seeing the new champions crowned - free!

PokerStars has a Global Prize Package which includes premium hospitality match tickets for you and your guest, plus spending money to help cover the cost of flights and accommodation in South Africa.

To earn the right to take part in the promotion, you need to secure a Final Invitation through Freerolls, 10 FPP and $1.10 qualifiers, available 24 hours a day. Or by earning 750 VPPs during the entire month of April.

» Click here to sign up with PokerStars today and view all the details!
Winner comes to you with two fantastic offers:

1) Winner Poker: 5,000 Mob Points Gift Offer

Make a deposit of at least $50 on Winner Poker and get 100% up to $500 in deposit bonus and a 5,000 Mob Points bonus at BankrollMob after earning 1,000 Winner Points. By now, you probably already know how much 5,000 Mob Points actually is. Of course you get to keep the deposit bonus and all winnings, too.

» Click here for our Winner Poker Gift Offer!

2) Winner Casino: $10 No Deposit Bonus

Take a peek into Winner Casino and avail their free $10 no deposit bonus. Being one of the best casinos online, Winner Casino is a top-tier Playtech-powered site that offers a wonderful and extensive selection of online casino games. You can also enjoy up to €1000 in deposit bonus.

» Click here now for a $10 bonus at Winner Casino!

Celeb Poker offers new users an initial bonus of $9 just by signing up. Earn Celeb Poker Points to get a bigger bonus as you play - all the way up to a total of a $199 bonus, without ever making a deposit.  

The $199 bonus is only available to certain countries, but if you live in a country not eligible for the $199 bonus, Celeb Poker still has a great deal for you: 100 Celeb Poker Points to buy-in for a total of $2000 in free tournaments.  

» Click here for more information & get Celeb Poker bonus now!

If the "Request"-button is inactive, it means we have no more offers available that day - please try again the next day where it should be open again. 

The news just doesn't stop and neither do we - subscribe to our poker news RSS feed for latest updates, straight to your favorite RSS reader/application, or check out these news articles:

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