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This newsletter was sent out on 30 November 2011.


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In This Issue:
  1. BRM Xmas Calendar: $15,000+ in prizes
  2. PokerStars $7,000 leaderboard in December
  3. High Pulse Poker ?7,200 leaderboard in December
  4. Poker Gift Offers
  5. Latest Poker News
No christmas without the BRM Xmas calendar and tons of free gifts and prizes from all our partners. This year we have some boasting $15,000+ gift value in our daily calendar draws. This year however, there are no restrictions to enter, so EVERYONE that has an approved Mob account, have a chance of winning - every day from the 1st -> 24th December.
Thats not all. This year we give all users 5 chances every day to win some of the prizes, so thats a total of 120 chances if you get around to using them all!
This year to keep it exciting, we will not announce all the prizes upfront, but announce the prices daily, so be sure to check in every day to grab your chance at winning. We can divulge that the prizes includes every thing from high value tournament tickets to exclusive freeroll entries, MobPoints, draws, merchandise and tons of other stuff!
There's also a bonus prize: If you manage to use try your luck 100 or more times during the Christmas Calendar (remember, maximum is 120), you will be entered into an exclusive $/? 1,000 freeroll only for those who clicked 100+ doors. 
The Christmas Calendar will open at midnight GMT, December 1st.
Click here to check out the Christmas Calendar - it's in the Mob Games section of your Mob account, so it requires you to be logged in at your Mob account.
Once again BRM has arranged for a juicy leaderboard with the largest PokerSite in the world. The leaderboard will consist of 6 daily freerolls - $25's in weekdays and $50's in weekends, totaling an awesome $6,000 in freeroll prizes and $1,000 on top of that in leaderboard prizes.
All you have to do is come fetch the password at our site 15 mins before a freeroll, and you are good to go! Please also remember to register your PokerStars User ID with us, so we can give you leaderboard points for your placements. 
If you do not have a PokerStars account, we suggest you signup for a free account, so you can start building your bankroll through our freerolls. Get your free PokerStars account here!
After having cured most of their "start-up bugs", we are proud to announce that we will run an even larger leaderboard with HighPulse Poker than last month. We will be hosting 4 x ?50 exclusive BRM freerolls daily and ?1,000 in leaderboard prizes totaling an amazing ?7,200 in prizes up for grabs.
On top of that, HighPulse Poker is still hosting a lot of freerolls and tournaments with a lot of overlay themselves every day, so this is definitely the place to be, if you want to build your bankroll. 
They also have a unique referral system, where you can refer your friends and earn rake in 5 levels (i.e. of your friends friends and so on). The rakeback is paid out every sunday at 12.00 CET, so you are sure to get a nice cash-injection every week.
You have to create an account with HighPulse Poker through BRM to be in the leaderboard, which you can do by clicking the below link and REMEMBER TO USE CODE BRMFREE when you register your account:
If you already have an account, CLICK HERE - to get all the information on how to gain access to all the freerolls and prizes.
Here's how our poker gift offers work:
  1. We offer "poker gifts" at certain poker sites. You can pick any one you like - or as many as you like. 
  2. Follow the instructions, such as: Deposit $20 or whatever the requirement might be.
  3. After meeting the points requirement (ie. earning X amount of points at the site), you're now qualified to request our gift, which is usually 5000 MobPoints ($50), which you can easily cashout to poker sites, NETELLER, etc.

That's all there is to it. So why pick a poker gift offer instead of a no deposit offer? Value! You gain more by taking a poker gift offer. You're almost playing risk free, as you know that you'll be getting a gift from us after you've met the easy requirements. Plus, you get the welcome bonus offered by the site as well, plus access to depositors freerolls etc.

At this time, we can offer a poker gift on the following sites:

Party Poker Deposit $25 - earn 5 PartyPoints - get 5000 MobPoints ($50)
Mansion Poker Deposit $20 - earn 1000 points - get 5000 MobPoints ($50)
PKR Deposit $10 - earn 1500 points - get 2500 MobPoints ($25)
Chilipoker Deposit $20 - earn 400 FPP - get 5000 MobPoints ($50)
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