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Attention all members: $500 freeroll at Action Poker

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Posted on 08 October 2008 by "K".

Action Poker & BankrollMob $500 freerollThis is for all BankrollMob members:

BankrollMob & Action Poker will be hosting a $500 freeroll for all BankrollMob members on Wednesday October 22nd, 1pm EST.

Requirements to play: That you are a free member of BankrollMob. Chances are, if you're reading this, you are eligible to play.

Of course you also need an Action Poker account. If you already have one, then hurry up and register for the freeroll today, don't wait, registration closes Tuesday October 21st.  If you don't already have an account then you need to pay attention: You can either apply for a free $140 no deposit poker bonus at Action Poker or you can check out our amazing 100% up to $2500 deposit poker bonus for Action Poker.

Please make sure you register for the freeroll as soon as possible, we cannot promise you will be able to play if you have not registered before registration closes around noon GMT October 21st.

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60 comments on "Attention all members: $500 freeroll at Action Poker"

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» Attention all members: $500 freeroll at Action Poker

 RIPStuNov2217/10/2008 15:39:56 GMT
I'm in. Yay.
 ACTIONPOKER17/10/2008 17:45:41 GMT
Come on guys fill your boots this is free just add your Action Poker username, the target is 2000 players and the prize pool will be even bigger.

Dont forget when you deposit use the promo code MOBSTER and you will also get a free seat in the $1000 mobster tourney.

 Fr3nChi18/10/2008 03:26:08 GMT
How much people usually play in this monthly freeroll ????
 ColaMan99918/10/2008 18:51:43 GMT
Thanks man.. Spade Club Heart Diamond
 baniix18/10/2008 19:55:26 GMT
well registered for oct. 22 freerol, we'll see how many of you are there Thumbs Up
 dilus18/10/2008 22:58:29 GMT
Excellent see you all there Blink
 DaSean111120/10/2008 00:18:35 GMT
Nice thing... Registered right in time with BRM... Big Smile
 MANUEDO20/10/2008 08:27:16 GMT

voglio proprio vedere se riesco a sfidarti al tavolo una benedetta volta Blink Blink Blink

Qua sono tutti scandinavi Tongue
 andosalado20/10/2008 14:30:37 GMT
I'll be there, wish me luck
 HenryLet20/10/2008 17:41:58 GMT
Does anyone know how many people are about to take part in this freeroll? Just to know an approximate number. I hope that there are less than 500 players. That would make the freeroll a real special one for MOB members Big Smile
 Administrator20/10/2008 17:44:29 GMT
It's gonna be around 600 players Smile But we can't guarantee that everybody will actually show up and play, but since people register or it, I assume most people will come!
 kingpapet20/10/2008 18:07:21 GMT
okej can someone help me out.
the tournament at 22nd will start 1pm EST. What time is that CET(central European time)
Im gonna play as soon as i find out what time it starts
Look out for kingpatte Big Smile
 HenryLet20/10/2008 22:07:59 GMT
As there's written in brackets it starts at 20:00 CET which means CENTRAL EUROPE TIME so at 8 o' clock in the evening in Sweden as in Italy where I live Big Smile
 kingpapet20/10/2008 22:24:25 GMT
Tought i read all the posts. But must have missed that one after all. Found it now.
Thanks a lot HenryLet
Big Smile
 ACTIONPOKER21/10/2008 01:31:35 GMT

Time is almost up.

Get your names down otherwise you will miss out in the chance for $500 freeroll.

Good luck.

 MANUEDO22/10/2008 08:23:26 GMT
Good morning Admin,

I received a mail from you about this evening freeroll.
As you know I found many odds to download foreign poker rooms because in Italy most of them are not allowed to run
I download a fun version and I completed registration.
I really hope to be able to play
Question Question Question but I'm not sure Confused
 paulenas22/10/2008 10:16:01 GMT
Hello 2 all Blink

I am still new here. I am now at work and can't download software, but i will download it after 4 hours Smile
I would like to participate in this freeroll very much, wouldn't it to late for registration after 4 hours?
 jevo22/10/2008 10:24:57 GMT
Post above, registration closed yesterday...

I didn't get my bankroll authorised in time to register Sad

Can you make space for a small one? Blink
 paulenas22/10/2008 10:37:20 GMT
the same situation for me too Confused

Is it possible for me and Joe to participate in freeroll?
 ACTIONPOKER22/10/2008 15:10:27 GMT
Sorry guys no can do, why dont you make a deposit of $25 and us ethe bonus code MOBSTER and tiy will get a free seat in the $1000 tourney on Sunday.

 mastergryne22/10/2008 16:58:00 GMT
damn..........missed it
 ACTIONPOKER22/10/2008 18:51:59 GMT
8 mins i am going to bust you all out.

 pooya01/01/2014 10:27:39 GMT
lets join this free roll as well
 magatt96602/01/2014 11:04:21 GMT
Posted by pooya:
lets join this free roll as well

do you own a time machine?
 Nastasha198202/01/2014 11:06:46 GMT
Posted by pooya:
lets join this free roll as well

Please, I beg you, stop resurrecting old threads.

I get my hopes up that I can play a freeroll and then see it was over 5 years ago Aww crap!

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